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A side view of the entrance to Collier Street United Church. The manse can be seen on the left and Lally House on the right2020-03-22T16:41:33-04:00
This home at 118 Collier was built in 1847 for Edmund and Anne Lally.2016-09-06T00:37:39-04:00
Front view of 118 Collier Street home of Edmund Lally, agent for the Bank of Upper Canada and a treasurer of Simcoe County.2016-09-11T16:52:42-04:00
118 Collier Street on the corner of Collier and Poyntz Streets. Originally built by Edmund and Annie Lally in 1847. Once converted into 14 apartments in the 1970’s, this home serves as law offices today.2016-07-06T22:10:20-04:00
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