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Bob Bauldry at Bauldry’s store on Owen Street2021-10-14T20:35:11-04:00
Looking at the South side of Baldry’s store on Owen Street2021-10-14T20:33:03-04:00
A group of men stand next to a truck at Bauldry’s grocery store on Owen Street2024-06-24T18:48:49-04:00
Bauldry’s delivery truck at their store on Owen Street2021-10-14T20:28:25-04:00
he Bauldry’s on the steps of their Owen Street grocery store2021-10-14T20:25:26-04:00
One of Bauldry’s delivery trucks2021-10-14T20:18:21-04:00
Bauldry’s grocery store at the corner of Owen Street and East Streets2021-10-14T20:16:16-04:00
-Downtown-A view of Bauldry’s grocery store at the corner of Owen and East Streets2021-10-14T20:13:15-04:00
A flyer advertising the opening of Bauldry’s grocery store2021-10-14T20:14:15-04:00
Bauldry’s Corner Store on the corner of Owen and East Street. Rose Nutter seen at the front of the store eating a popsicle.2016-05-21T18:43:59-04:00
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