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Built in 1907 for Harold Dyment and Agnes Campbell at 74 High Street2023-08-11T21:21:16-04:00
A large holiday party at the 74 High Street home of Aggie and John Laing2023-08-11T21:03:56-04:00
Looking at the South side of the form John Talbot Dyment home on the South West corner of Dunlop and High Streets2021-09-27T18:27:24-04:00
Looking at the former home of John Talbot Dyment located at the corner of High and Dunlop Streets2021-09-27T18:24:36-04:00
74 High Street, built in 1907 for Harold Dyment, son of Simon Dyment2020-02-09T16:40:17-05:00
Residence at 72 High Street, originally belonging to the Dyment family.2020-10-14T20:28:50-04:00
An interview with Jane Dyment by her granddaughter Caitlin Gervais.2018-02-27T06:55:06-05:00
A tour of Dyment’s Pond at the end of Victoria Street.2016-09-13T20:29:51-04:00
Dyment family Christmas at 72 High Street.2016-09-05T17:21:55-04:00
An overview at Downtown Barrie during Winter. The remnants of the Dyment farms can be seen still, in the top center and lower left of the picture.2016-05-21T17:33:28-04:00
End of the Line where Steam Engine 1531 used to sit down by Dyment’s Pond before being moved to Lakeshore Drive.2016-05-23T21:58:45-04:00
Steam Engine 1531 used to rest at the end of the tracks here at Dyment’s Pond.2016-05-23T21:56:30-04:00
Dyment’s Pond at the end of Victoria Street West of Anne Street.2016-05-21T17:49:20-04:00
General Tire bestows an employee with a 25 years of service award at 75 Dyment Road, across from the General Tire plant.2016-07-06T02:27:42-04:00
Rowanhurst, one time home to the Dyment family, and later to the Cancilla family, being demolished. It stood on the Northeast corner of High and Dunlop Streets.2016-07-04T19:48:08-04:00
Rowanhurst, at High and Dunlop Streets, gets emptied out before demolition. Built by the Dyment family, it was home to the Cancillas later.2016-07-04T19:49:54-04:00
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