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Cadet Ken Brydges with a snowmobile from Bombardier at the Barrie Winter Carnival2021-02-22T20:09:06-05:00
Cadet Chick Donnelly drives a snowmobile at the Barrie Winter Carnival2021-02-22T20:09:54-05:00
Barrie Mayor Donald Ross once lived in this home located at 168 Dunlop Street East2021-01-14T20:06:31-05:00
Mayor Donald Ross lived in this home at 168 Dunlop Street East until his death in 19292021-01-02T23:02:02-05:00
A View from the water of Dunlop Street East of Poyntz Street2021-01-01T13:59:06-05:00
A view from the water of Dunlop Street East2021-01-01T13:51:28-05:00
The R.I. Fraser and Company dry goods store was located on Dunlop Street East between the Barrie and Queen’s Hotels2020-12-30T15:46:27-05:00
Rice’s Cigar Store and Bath Rooms was located at 108 Dunlop Street East2020-12-30T15:40:39-05:00
The building at 55 Dunlop Street East was once the location of Alex Milne Merchant Tailor (formerly 47-49 Dunlop Street)2020-12-30T14:11:19-05:00
S.W. Davis’s store China Hall was located at 24 Dunlop Street East2020-12-10T15:43:51-05:00
-T. Sidsworth and Son Bakery located at 127 Dunlop Street East2020-12-10T15:41:23-05:00
The Ontario Buildings were erected in 1876 after a fire destroyed the north side of Dunlop Street between Clapperton and Owen Streets2020-11-28T10:49:38-05:00
In the 1880’s, Rice’s Cigar Store and Bath Rooms were located in this building2020-11-20T15:36:27-05:00
A view of the Lakeview Dairy and restaurant located at 185 Dunlop Street East2020-10-24T17:04:38-04:00
A view of the Clarkson Hotel on Dunlop Street, the Ladies entrance on Mulcaster Street2020-09-23T17:33:59-04:00
Looking at the North side of Dunlop Street just West of Mulcaster Street2020-09-11T19:53:45-04:00
Looking North at the corner of Dunlop Street East and Mulcaster Street2020-09-11T19:21:36-04:00
The North side of Dunlop Street between Owen and Mulcaster Streets2020-09-11T18:52:41-04:00
A view of the eastern end of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street towards Mulcaster Street2020-07-03T15:11:30-04:00
A view of the Miller Building in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:24:49-04:00
A view of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:17:24-04:00
A view of a Boys Block store on the South side of Dunlop Street at Mulcaster Street2020-06-17T10:19:57-04:00
A view of two buildings in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street. The store on the left was the Examiner Printing Office (1877) and the store to the right was Otton Bros.2020-06-17T10:09:28-04:00
The Eastern end of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-16T22:47:28-04:00
A view of the South side of Dunlop Street in the Boys Block2020-06-14T12:06:21-04:00
-J. Galbraith and Son Exchange Block feed store at 215 Dunlop Street East which was later the Barrie Brewing Company, then Bayview Apartments2020-05-11T11:55:35-04:00
A view from the water of the old shoe factory and Lakeview Dairy operation2020-05-07T14:29:49-04:00
Looking East at the Bayview Apartments located at 215 Dunlop Street, the former Barrie Brewing Company building2020-05-07T14:27:32-04:00
A view from the water of a building at 215 Dunlop Street East that was once a brewery but later demolished to build condos2020-05-07T15:34:01-04:00
The new Flamingo Condominiums at 215 Dunlop Street East on the former site of Bayview Apartments and Barrie Brewery2020-05-07T14:04:15-04:00
A view of the condo construction at 215 Dunlop Street East on the site of the old Barrie Brewery Building2020-05-07T14:04:53-04:00
Looking West at the construction of the condo at 215 Dunlop Street East in March on the site of the former Barrie Brewery2020-05-07T14:05:36-04:00
A view of the Caldwell home at 180 Dunlop Street East2020-09-16T10:20:06-04:00
A fire on January 22, 1979 destroys the upper floor of 80 Dunlop Street East2020-02-08T19:29:05-05:00
Looking from the water towards Memorial Square and the Wilson Building2019-11-04T20:15:10-05:00
A portion of the Boys Block showing the gargoyles on the building design. Stores included Garnet’s Hobbies and Roberto’s Pizzeria before it moved Eastward2019-11-03T12:47:08-05:00
A view of the Queen’s Hotel and portions of Armstrong Hardware and the Municipal Savings and Loan company in it’s first location on Dunlop Street2019-11-03T12:42:42-05:00
Looking West on Dunlops Street at the Boys block showing Roberto’s Pizzeria, Smith and Rutter Furniture and a poster shop2019-11-03T12:39:08-05:00
Former location of Harris Flower and Smith Kain Harness Makers at 99 Dunlop Street East2019-10-25T16:50:29-04:00
A view of Lakeview Dairy from the water2019-10-19T20:10:32-04:00
A view from the ice of Lakeview Dairy and the old shoe factory2019-10-19T20:07:42-04:00
The Canadian Academy of Music float in a summer parade2019-01-21T21:13:46-05:00
The North side of Dunlop Street looking West from Mulcaster Street.2020-11-21T08:25:08-05:00
Looking towards the Post Office on Dunlop Street East.2020-11-25T17:10:12-05:00
Postcard looking West on Dunlop Street from Mulcaster Street.2021-02-18T20:29:56-05:00
This house at 1 Berczy Street is believed to been built in 18852021-03-19T19:40:28-04:00
Otton Brothers Hardware store2020-06-12T11:08:50-04:00
No. 258 Dunlop Street.2020-11-25T17:49:26-05:00
Sampson Street looking South towards Kempenfelt Bay.2020-05-07T13:55:13-04:00
Looking East on Dunlop Street between The Five Points and Post Office Square. Notice Jackson’s Grill and Simpson’s before Sears was added.2020-11-25T17:34:52-05:00
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