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Favourite Memories at Sam the Record Man.2024-04-28T20:26:36-04:00
Sam the Record Man’s History on Dunlop Street, 1970-1993.2024-04-28T20:26:27-04:00
Parades, fires and train scenes.2024-04-28T20:20:43-04:00
A postcard view looking East from Five Points at Dunlop Street East2023-09-07T21:52:34-04:00
Looking East on Dunlop Street from Five Points, cyclists in the foreground2022-01-09T16:47:18-05:00
Projectionist movie schedule for the Roxy theatre2021-11-13T12:41:00-05:00
Vacation entitlement notification for the Roxy theatre projectionist Harold Tordiff2021-11-13T12:37:22-05:00
Roxy theatre booking list for the the month of January 19582021-11-13T12:26:20-05:00
Demolition of the building at the North East corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets, designed by Thomas Kennedy, is underway2021-09-16T08:07:23-04:00
Looking North on Bayfield Street towards the Simcoe Hotel during the ‘Big Dig’ in the summer of 19892021-07-26T15:52:10-04:00
An original watercolour of 1975 Fred Grant Square by Monika Maizis2021-05-01T20:59:27-04:00
The Examiner Printing Office located at 139 Dunlop Street East2021-02-03T11:49:11-05:00
An advertisement in an 1873 Northern Gazette for Miss Morton’s shop on Dunlop Street2021-02-03T11:40:01-05:00
An advertisement in the Northern Gazette for John Stephen’s Photogragh Gallery2021-02-03T11:16:19-05:00
A postcard looking East on Dunlop Street from Five Points2021-01-24T12:32:39-05:00
The tailor shop of Alex Milne which was located at 47 Dunlop Street East2021-01-14T20:05:10-05:00
Barrie Mayor Donald Ross once lived in this home located at 168 Dunlop Street East2021-01-14T20:06:31-05:00
The house at 13 Poyntz Street was once the home of Emma King, teacher and first woman to sit on the Barrie Public Library Board2021-01-02T22:07:06-05:00
S.W. Davis’s store China Hall was located at 24 Dunlop Street East2020-12-10T15:43:51-05:00
-T. Sidsworth and Son Bakery located at 127 Dunlop Street East2020-12-10T15:41:23-05:00
The home that stood at 258 Dunlop Street (formerly Louisa Street) once belonged to R.I. Fraser a prominent dry good store owner2020-12-09T21:38:03-05:00
The Ontario Buildings were erected in 1876 after a fire destroyed the north side of Dunlop Street between Clapperton and Owen Streets2020-11-28T10:49:38-05:00
In the 1880’s, Rice’s Cigar Store and Bath Rooms were located in this building2020-11-20T15:36:27-05:00
A view of the Clarkson Hotel on Dunlop Street, the Ladies entrance on Mulcaster Street2020-09-23T17:33:59-04:00
Looking at the North side of Dunlop Street just West of Mulcaster Street2020-09-11T19:53:45-04:00
Looking North at the corner of Dunlop Street East and Mulcaster Street2020-09-11T19:21:36-04:00
The North side of Dunlop Street between Owen and Mulcaster Streets2020-09-11T18:52:41-04:00
Looking East at the South side of Dunlop Street from 119 towards Mulcaster Street2022-10-21T18:33:50-04:00
Looking West at Duff Grocer located on Dunlop Street at Memorial Square2021-05-20T16:13:32-04:00
Dougall Brothers Furniture about 16 Dunlop Street East2020-08-27T19:44:17-04:00
Cadet inspection on Dunlop Street between Owen and Clapperton Streets on May 20, 19482020-08-28T09:46:11-04:00
A band from Central Collegiate marches west on Dunlop Street May 15, 1948 as part of Cadet inspection2020-08-28T09:45:31-04:00
A view of National Trust and Dollarama, one time TD Bank and Zeller’s, from Owen Street.2020-08-07T11:57:27-04:00
A view of the Miller Building in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:24:49-04:00
A view of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:17:24-04:00
A view of a Boys Block store on the South side of Dunlop Street at Mulcaster Street2020-06-17T10:19:57-04:00
A view of two buildings in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street. The store on the left was the Examiner Printing Office (1877) and the store to the right was Otton Bros.2020-06-17T10:09:28-04:00
The Eastern end of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-16T22:47:28-04:00
A view of the South side of Dunlop Street in the Boys Block2020-06-14T12:06:21-04:00
An interior view of the Caldwell Drugstore located at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. The dispensary can be seen at the back of the store2020-04-24T17:36:57-04:00
Caldwell’s Drugstore at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. George Caldwell attained his PHMB degree in 19322020-04-24T17:34:31-04:00
A view of Caldwell’s Drugstore located at the Northeast corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2020-04-24T17:14:39-04:00
Receipt for purchase from A.E. Smith Furniture located at 129 Dunlop Street2020-04-16T17:55:41-04:00
The Examiner and Advance Printing Offices at the South East corner of Dunlop and Mulcaster Streets2020-04-05T13:43:03-04:00
Fire in Tamblyn Drug Store at Five Points in December2020-03-30T16:46:03-04:00
Fire at Tamblyn and Harry A Smith drug stores Five Points in December. Temperature was reported to be 34 degrees below zero Farenheit2020-03-30T16:43:04-04:00
Drug store located at 6 Dunlop Street likely the location of Harry A. Smith pharmacy2020-03-30T16:38:54-04:00
A view of the North side of Dunlop Street just west of Mulcaster Street2020-03-30T14:57:59-04:00
An advertisement for Scott’s Books which was located at Dunlop Street2020-03-16T20:18:01-04:00
Alex Scott’s book store and R.A. Douglas’ jewelry store were tenants at 80 Dunlop Street in the Bothwell Block2022-01-16T09:28:19-05:00
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