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A view of the Miller Building in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:24:49-04:00
A view of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-17T12:17:24-04:00
A view of a Boys Block store on the South side of Dunlop Street at Mulcaster Street2020-06-17T10:19:57-04:00
A view of two buildings in the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street. The store on the left was the Examiner Printing Office (1877) and the store to the right was Otton Bros.2020-06-17T10:09:28-04:00
The Eastern end of the Boys Block on the South side of Dunlop Street2020-06-16T22:47:28-04:00
A view of the South side of Dunlop Street in the Boys Block2020-06-14T12:06:21-04:00
An interior view of the Caldwell Drugstore located at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. The dispensary can be seen at the back of the store2020-04-24T17:36:57-04:00
Caldwell’s Drugstore at the Northwest corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets. George Caldwell attained his PHMB degree in 19322020-04-24T17:34:31-04:00
A view of Caldwell’s Drugstore located at the Northeast corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2020-04-24T17:14:39-04:00
Receipt for purchase from A.E. Smith Furniture located at 129 Dunlop Street2020-04-16T17:55:41-04:00
The Examiner and Advance Printing Offices at the South East corner of Dunlop and Mulcaster Streets2020-04-05T13:43:03-04:00
Fire in Tamblyn Drug Store at Five Points in December2020-03-30T16:46:03-04:00
Fire at Tamblyn and Harry A Smith drug stores Five Points in December. Temperature was reported to be 34 degrees below zero Farenheit2020-03-30T16:43:04-04:00
Drug store located at 6 Dunlop Street likely the location of Harry A. Smith pharmacy2020-03-30T16:38:54-04:00
A view of the North side of Dunlop Street just west of Mulcaster Street2020-03-30T14:57:59-04:00
An advertisement for Scott’s Books which was located at Dunlop Street2020-03-16T20:18:01-04:00
Alex Scott’s book store and R.A. Douglas’ jewelry store were tenants at 80 Dunlop Street in the Bothwell Block2020-03-16T20:13:13-04:00
A view of buildings from the 1800’s located at the corner of Dunlop and Mulcaster Streets2020-03-14T14:05:28-04:00
A sideview of 128 Dunlop Street East and 18 Mulcaster Street, once S. Varley’s grocery in the 1800s, the Full Gospel Tabernacle in the 1950’s and now the Pizzeria Italia2020-03-14T13:13:26-04:00
Looking East at Duff Grocer located on Dunlop Street at Memorial Square2020-01-25T14:24:16-05:00
McKeggie and Company bank was located at 59 Dunlop Street and Memorial Square2020-01-25T14:13:47-05:00
The ‘Gardens’ at the foot of Owen Street, this area was referred to as Station Gore, Memorial, Post Office or Fred Grant Square2020-01-25T13:40:15-05:00
Looking East down Dunlop Street from Clapperton Street. The Bank of Toronto and Dominion House can be seen2020-01-17T16:22:06-05:00
Men hauling timber for the war effort stand near the Clarkson House hotel at the North East corner of Mulcaster and Dunlop Streets2020-01-15T17:13:01-05:00
The building of the Civic Square tower on Collier Street is in progress2019-11-06T14:52:23-05:00
A view of Barrie from the water. City Hall and the old fire hall are visible2019-10-19T21:24:52-04:00
A view from the shoreline of downtown and Trinity Church2019-10-19T20:52:36-04:00
A view of the Clarkson Hotel on Dunlop Street East2019-10-19T20:42:19-04:00
A view of Dunlop Street East of Owen Street showing the Sanders Block2019-10-19T20:29:15-04:00
A winter view of Memorial Square and Dunlop Street2019-10-19T20:22:37-04:00
A view of Memorial Square and the North West corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2019-10-19T20:14:23-04:00
A view from the ice of court house hill and City Hall2019-10-19T20:03:20-04:00
Looking East along Dunlop Street from Clapperton Street, the Summersett House in the left foreground2019-09-09T12:06:46-04:00
Looking East on Dunlop Street from Clapperton Street at the Summersett House and Dominion House2019-09-06T21:38:17-04:00
Looking East from Five Points at the Bank of Toronto and Dominion House on the North side of Dunlop Street2019-09-06T20:32:08-04:00
The former Lakeview Dairy building is closed and pending demolition.2019-01-21T20:47:44-05:00
Looking east towards old Lakeview Dairy building on Dunlop Street.2019-01-21T20:46:20-05:00
Women in period costumes stand near Memorial Square during the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:34:34-05:00
Women in period costume mingle with the crowd at the Centennial Parade2019-01-20T17:32:57-05:00
The RVH float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:38-05:00
Santa and his reindeer in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:26-05:00
Santa and his sleigh at the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:03:12-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade is over for another year2019-01-21T21:02:48-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade float heads west on Dunlop Street2019-01-21T21:02:33-05:00
A Sesame Street Christmas float in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:02:18-05:00
A clown in the Santa Claus Parade2020-05-30T09:06:07-04:00
The Sheba Shrine clowns drive canoes in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:01:52-05:00
The Santa Claus Parade at Kempenfelt and Dunlop Streets2019-01-21T21:01:24-05:00
Rotary Club clowns walk in the Santa Claus Parade2019-01-21T21:01:11-05:00
Penquins on a float in the Santa Claus Parade on Dunlop Street West2019-01-21T21:00:53-05:00
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