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Wilkinson’s Flour Mill located at 20 John Street (Maple Avenue) south of Elizabeth Street2020-07-24T12:36:47-04:00
The ruins of Fisher Flour Mills which was located on the West side of John Street (Maple) South of Elizabeth (Dunlop) Street after it was destroyed in a fire March 6, 19522020-04-24T17:27:22-04:00
The Fisher Flour Mills Company located on Maple Avenue South of Dunlop Street was destroyed in a fire March 6, 19522020-04-24T17:28:05-04:00
Sam the Record Man at Dunlop Street and Clapperton Street is boarded up after a fire.2019-01-20T16:01:41-05:00
The devastating remains of a fire at Wellington Hotel at five points.2017-04-04T22:49:43-04:00
Looking at the Eaton’s Store on Dunlop Street after being destroyed by fire.2017-03-29T00:31:38-04:00
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