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The Barrie Temperance Band near the Barrie Railway Station in Memorial Square2023-12-14T19:13:37-05:00
The first Trinity Church was built in 1835 on Berczy Street2023-11-18T09:12:16-05:00
Rear of Rowanhurst, the Nathaniel Dyment home at Dunlop and High Streets2023-08-12T20:53:10-04:00
View of Rowanhurst and coach house, built for Nathaniel Dyment2023-08-12T20:50:22-04:00
The front of Rowanhurst, built for Nathaniel Dyment2023-08-12T20:46:45-04:00
The demolition of the old Sevigny Carriage Makers building on Collier Street2023-01-30T19:33:41-05:00
The County County House on Worsley Street in February2023-01-30T19:29:36-05:00
Looking East at the County Court House atop courthouse hill on Worsley Street2023-01-30T19:19:11-05:00
A view of the old fire hall on Collier Street2023-01-30T19:13:16-05:00
A View of the old fire hall located at the corner of Collier and Mulcaster Streets2023-01-30T17:35:19-05:00
A partial view of the old fire hall on Collier Street2023-01-30T17:26:48-05:00
A group of people observing the old firehall on Collier Street in December2023-01-30T17:23:47-05:00
A group of people approach the fron of the County Court House on Worsley Street2023-01-30T17:21:20-05:00
Looking North on Bradford Street at the Barrie Tanning Company2022-05-13T18:37:55-04:00
A rear view of a house and Barrie Auto on Collier Street2022-02-12T09:45:05-05:00
An apartment house at 70 Collier Street, built in the 1800’s, was demolished to build to Municipal Savings and Loan tower, which later became City Hall2022-02-11T19:41:19-05:00
The Reform Episcopal Church at 39 Collier Street was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy2022-01-16T10:33:26-05:00
The James Walsh Soda Water Manufactory was located at Sophia and Clapperton Streets2022-01-06T17:43:48-05:00
Looking East at a new condo on Bayfield Street and the old bus station on Maple Avenue in the summer of 19892021-11-26T13:23:28-05:00
One time Gospel Hall on Mary Street, was demolished2021-11-05T10:26:11-04:00
The Harrison-Lower house was located at the North West corner of Collier and Clapperton Streets2021-10-15T21:23:44-04:00
The Smith-Thompson House was built in 1842 on a gore lot formed by Dunlop, Poyntz and Sampson Streets2021-09-16T20:27:13-04:00
Door, Sash and Blind facory, located at 120 Bayfield Street, was built in 18682021-09-16T19:36:44-04:00
The Sevigny Carriage Shop was rebuilt on the former Marrin Block site. The building later became Norris Dairy2021-09-16T15:47:38-04:00
The federal building (post office) built in the 1950’s at the Northwest corner of Collier and Owen Streets, the former site of the Victoria School2023-10-06T15:11:44-04:00
A close up of the demolition of the original Barrie Central Collegiate building on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:23:19-04:00
The demolition of the original Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:19:35-04:00
Demolition begins on the original Barrie Central Collegiate building on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:16:22-04:00
The building designed by Thomas Kennedy at the North East corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets is being demolished2021-09-16T08:12:15-04:00
Demolition of the building at the North East corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets, designed by Thomas Kennedy, is underway2021-09-16T08:07:23-04:00
A view of the former post office and Bank of Toronto building designed by Shearman Bird and built in 1872 on the East side of Owen Street2021-09-16T07:31:17-04:00
A view of the former Mechanic’s Institute building on the East side of Owen Street between Dunlop and Collier Streets2021-09-16T07:25:50-04:00
The East side of Owen Street between Dunlop and Collier Streets. A portion of the former Mechanic’s Institute can be seen on the right2021-09-15T22:14:34-04:00
Bythe Cottage, on the North side of Dunlop Street East of Mulcaster Street, was the home of Judge Ardagh2021-09-11T18:17:45-04:00
Looking at the west side of Lakeview Dairy located at 185 Dunlop Street East2021-09-11T18:00:27-04:00
Looking at the exterior of the Lakeview Dairy restaurant on Dunlop Street East2021-09-11T17:42:43-04:00
The Registry Office was built in 1875 to replace the previous frame building and designed to be fire proof2021-09-11T09:58:25-04:00
The Ardagh Home located on Louisa Street (now Dunlop Street East) was established in 1873 for aged and indigent women2021-09-10T22:17:41-04:00
The home at 185 Dunlop Street East was known as ‘The Creamery’ and was the location of Lakeview Dairy2021-09-10T21:52:22-04:00
The former Anderton residence at the South East corner of Ellen and Victoria Streets2021-09-10T21:22:48-04:00
The Clifton Hotel in October 1992 before demolition2021-07-16T21:20:35-04:00
The Fraser’s Exchange Hotel on Dunlop Street2021-07-08T09:34:34-04:00
The home of builder George Ball was located at 62 John Street (now Maple Avenue)2021-09-16T10:27:51-04:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Bradford Street2021-12-17T09:53:44-05:00
St. Mary’s Separate School was located on Courthouse Hill on Codrington Street2021-11-12T22:33:22-05:00
The Central School (later renamed Victoria School) which was located on the North West corner of Collier and Owen Streets2021-11-12T22:36:00-05:00
The home that stood at 258 Dunlop Street (formerly Louisa Street) once belonged to R.I. Fraser a prominent dry good store owner2020-12-09T21:38:03-05:00
The T. Sidsworth and Son bakery on McDonald Street2020-11-12T12:48:38-05:00
Simpson’s Simcoe Steam Brewery at 10 Mary Street was later owned by the Anderton family2020-11-03T13:17:56-05:00
The original county courthouse of 1843 was incorporated into the 1877 enlarged building that was later demolished in 19772020-10-10T16:03:53-04:00
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