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Cast photo of Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “Pirates of Penzance”.2017-02-26T14:47:05-05:00
Waldman house the first parsonage of First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:56:48-05:00
Exterior of 18 Worsley Street once used as a parsonage for First Baptist Church.2017-02-08T13:58:18-05:00
Exterior sign at First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:58:34-05:00
Exterior of First Baptist Church on the corner of Worsley and Clapperton Streets.2017-02-08T13:59:47-05:00
Exterior sign for First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:59:59-05:00
First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street goes up for sale before their move to Grove Street.2017-02-08T14:01:02-05:00
Sinclair House used as offices and meeting space for First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T14:01:12-05:00
Collier Street businesses at 6 Collier Street including Robert and Sam`s Hair Salon, Barrie Sports Limited and Macsay`s Bakery (Wynia`s) (1).2021-07-07T15:48:22-04:00
Interview with Cecil MulKin, Barrie’s last volunteer Fire Chief. Interviewed by Val Brucker.2016-11-23T15:13:45-05:00
History of 101 Clapperton Street.2016-09-13T17:42:38-04:00
Val Brucker’s City Hall Speech petitioning to save City Hall.2016-09-11T00:35:37-04:00
History of 11 Rodney Street.2016-09-11T00:35:35-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Red Storey Field Fundraiser.2016-09-11T00:21:04-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Student Council Constitution.2016-09-11T00:21:04-04:00
History of 101 Clapperton Street.2016-09-11T00:21:00-04:00
Opening Ceremonies of Barrie Chamber of Commerce at the Barrie By The Bay Building.2016-09-19T19:46:52-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “The Sound of Music” – Saturday Act One.2016-09-09T12:59:48-04:00
Barrie Sounds Great IV – Barrie Central Collegiate Senior Band.2016-09-09T13:11:35-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” Musical – Thursday Night Performance.2016-09-09T13:05:36-04:00
Barrieite Projected 5000 Miles of Film.2016-09-07T20:40:47-04:00
Flyers Vast Hockey Organization with Addition of Boston Bruins.2016-09-07T20:40:47-04:00
72 High Street known as Maplehurst was built in 1883 by Nathaniel Dyment.2021-03-13T19:28:00-05:00
Brunton family photo.2016-09-05T17:21:56-04:00
Ice harvesting on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-09-05T16:29:20-04:00
Residence at 52 Worsley Street, a part of the H-Block and home to the Hart family.2016-09-05T16:29:19-04:00
Rear of 52 Worsley Street, home to the Hart family.2016-09-05T16:29:15-04:00
101 Bradford Street, home to the Hart family.2016-09-05T16:29:14-04:00
52 Worsley Street, a home in the H-Block belonging to the Hart family.2016-09-05T16:29:11-04:00
Residence at 15 Parkside Drive, home to the Hart family.2016-09-05T16:29:10-04:00
Apple Processing Factory near Queens Park and Parry Automotive.2016-09-05T16:04:23-04:00
History of Education in the City of Barrie.2016-09-11T02:42:08-04:00
33 Theresa Street, home of the Massie family.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
33 Theresa Street. Known as the Ardagh home, this victorian mansion was home to Mayor Ardagh who was also a warden and judge.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
93 Berczy Street, originally built in 1877 and used as the Knights of Columbus building at the time of this photo.2020-11-03T11:38:15-05:00
The old Barrie Examiner building before being taken over by the Bayshore Mission and Salvation Army.2016-07-08T18:21:03-04:00
A horse-drawn fire truck carries the driver and passenger, Cliff Carley past the Town Hall and Market Building on Mulcaster Street, later to be used as City Hall.2016-07-06T19:21:01-04:00
Looking West at Bayview Grocery on Collier Street. Marylin King’s dog, ‘Carly’ is pictured in front.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
Wellington Hotel Advertisement.2016-07-04T18:18:02-04:00
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on the corner of Worsley and Owen Streets.2016-07-01T05:08:42-04:00
A majestic two storey home at 310 Codrington Street.2016-06-30T21:59:21-04:00
The Gray Coach Bus Station on Collier Street.2019-11-22T15:56:23-05:00
A postcard of Dunlop Street viewing West from the Post Office near Owen Street.2016-09-22T15:24:32-04:00
The Queen’s Hotel on Dunlop Street.2016-06-17T13:33:06-04:00
A snowy day near Clapperton Street and Worsley Street.2016-06-17T13:33:06-04:00
A postcard of Dunlop Street looking West with the Queen’s Hotel on the right.2016-12-10T21:54:10-05:00
126 Collier Street, formerly Maude Koury’s restaurant.2020-05-02T16:26:08-04:00
People gather alongside the curb to watch a lively parade.2016-06-09T22:38:18-04:00
Beautiful Fall colours colour the landscape where Theresa Street meets Berczy Street.2016-06-14T18:58:10-04:00
Collingwood Lions Majorettes in a parade behind the Wellington Plaza.2016-06-04T19:43:33-04:00
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