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Collier Street United Church and manse2020-03-22T18:10:35-04:00
The steeple of Collier Street United Church2020-03-22T16:37:59-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Collier Street United Church and Sunday School building2020-03-22T16:39:32-04:00
The cornerstone of Collier Street Methodist Church2020-03-22T16:40:58-04:00
A side view of the entrance to Collier Street United Church. The manse can be seen on the left and Lally House on the right2020-03-22T16:41:33-04:00
Looking West on Theresa Street towards Berczy Street2020-03-16T20:27:33-04:00
Looking East along the shoreline from the bottom of Toronto Street2020-01-11T17:32:34-04:00
Collier Street Methodist Church choir. Photo taken by Barton Photography.2019-01-09T07:10:43-04:00
Looking over Dunlop Street East and Station Gore from the railway station tower.2016-07-08T18:22:31-04:00
Delivery of Reapers and Mowers Parade in front of the American Hotel (Yank) and newly renovated (1877) Market Building looking East on Collier Street.2016-07-08T18:22:31-04:00
Collier Street looking East from Mulcaster Street. Collier Street United Church, originally built as a Methodist church in 1864 still stands today.2016-07-06T02:41:14-04:00
View of Barrie at the Kempenfelt Bay shoreline showing Trinity Anglican Church, Saint Mary’s Church and Collier Street Methodist Church spires.2016-05-23T23:49:35-04:00