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A display of Sir Robert Barrie artifacts located at Barrie City Hall2023-10-27T16:27:22-04:00
The rear of 149 Collier Street built in 18652023-07-08T12:56:41-04:00
A view of the Caldwell home at 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:45:40-04:00
Gary Caldwell plays on a tricycle in the backyard of 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:37:30-04:00
Gary Caldwell in the backyard of 149 Collier Street2023-07-08T12:29:27-04:00
Side view of the parapet roof and stone foundation of 149 Collier Street built in 18652023-07-08T12:19:31-04:00
Paired arched windows with seeded glass over the front entrance of 149 Collier Street built in 18652023-07-08T12:23:06-04:00
Marilyn Caldwell King stands at the front door of 149 Collier Street, built in 1865 by William Caldwell2023-07-08T12:03:35-04:00
Looking out of the original bubbled glass windows at 149 Collier Street built in 18652023-07-08T11:58:33-04:00
The former vicarage of Trinity Anglican Church at 130 Collier Street2023-03-02T07:47:51-05:00
The demolition of the old Sevigny Carriage Makers building on Collier Street2023-01-30T19:33:41-05:00
The Barrie Public Library on Collier and Mulcaster Streets2023-01-30T19:26:19-05:00
A view of the old fire hall on Collier Street2023-01-30T19:13:16-05:00
A View of the old fire hall located at the corner of Collier and Mulcaster Streets2023-01-30T17:35:19-05:00
The rear of the building at 21 Collier Street as seen from the alley2023-01-30T17:30:07-05:00
A partial view of the old fire hall on Collier Street2023-01-30T17:26:48-05:00
A group of people observing the old firehall on Collier Street in December2023-01-30T17:23:47-05:00
A view of the John Weir House at 58 Collier Street and Cusden’s Pharmacy2022-11-03T17:29:53-04:00
The former home of Burton Bros. Lumber bookkeeper Andrew Urquhart at 166 Collier Street2022-04-29T07:36:08-04:00
A rear view of a house and Barrie Auto on Collier Street2022-02-12T09:45:05-05:00
An apartment house at 70 Collier Street, built in the 1800’s, was demolished to build to Municipal Savings and Loan tower, which later became City Hall2022-02-11T19:41:19-05:00
House located at 21 Collier Street. Cancilla Fruit Warehouse is at the rear of the building2022-02-11T13:25:59-05:00
Cancilla’s Fruit Warehouse located at the rear of 21 Collier Street2022-02-11T13:21:51-05:00
Inside the Barrie Creamery located on Collier Street in the former Fisher Flour Mill (Barrie Milling Company)2022-01-27T08:56:06-05:00
The Reform Episcopal Church at 39 Collier Street was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy2022-01-16T10:33:26-05:00
The Harrison-Lower house was located at the North West corner of Collier and Clapperton Streets2021-10-15T21:23:44-04:00
The Salvation Army citadel on Collier Street2021-09-16T16:42:33-04:00
The Sevigny Carriage Shop was rebuilt on the former Marrin Block site. The building later became Norris Dairy2021-09-16T15:47:38-04:00
The E. Sevigny Carriage works in the Marrin Block building was located between Market Square and Collier Street Methodist Church. It collapsed in a 1895 fire2021-09-16T15:39:46-04:00
The federal building (post office) built in the 1950’s at the Northwest corner of Collier and Owen Streets, the former site of the Victoria School2023-10-06T15:11:44-04:00
he dedication tablet for the Ardagh Memorial Home resides at Trinity Anglican Church since the home on Louisa (Dunlop) Street was demolished2021-09-10T22:09:56-04:00
Looking toward the pipe organ at the front of Collier Street Methodist Church2021-08-21T20:42:32-04:00
Looking out over the interior of Collier Street Methodist Church from the upper gallery2021-08-21T20:39:32-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at the corner of Clapperton Street2021-07-07T20:45:09-04:00
The Edmund Lally House at 118 Collier Street2021-04-14T15:56:40-04:00
The one-time home and location of the Whitebread carriage maker’s shop2021-02-20T15:10:06-05:00
The Central School (later renamed Victoria School) which was located on the North West corner of Collier and Owen Streets2021-11-12T22:36:00-05:00
The house at 13 Poyntz Street was once the home of Emma King, teacher and first woman to sit on the Barrie Public Library Board2021-01-02T22:07:06-05:00
Fire Chief James Shrubsole once lived in this home at 123 Collier Street2021-01-02T21:46:08-05:00
Several century homes on Collier Street between Albert and Blake Streets are demolished to build the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:57:26-05:00
The Supertest station and houses are demolished to make way for the building of the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:51:40-05:00
The building of the Bay Club is in progress2020-12-10T09:46:07-05:00
The East side of the Bay Club as it is being built2020-12-10T09:10:30-05:00
Looking West from Blake Street at the building of the Bay Club2020-12-10T09:44:00-05:00
Located at 113 Collier Street, this house was once home to Mayor FEP Pepler, Joseph Anderton and Judge Ronald Gunn2020-11-07T10:30:11-05:00
The home of former Mayor F.E.P. Pepler, located at 113 Collier Street2020-11-06T18:30:22-05:00
Looking East from the Fire Hall tower at Collier Street, the Methodist church and the Victoria Hotel2021-07-24T15:06:51-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Barrie City Hall2020-08-27T19:59:35-04:00
Looking West down Collier Street from the fire hall tower2020-08-28T09:44:34-04:00
The old Barrie Post Office on the South East corner of Collier and Owen Streets. The Barrie Mill and Fire Hall can be seen further East on Collier Street2020-07-24T12:55:04-04:00
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