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The first Trinity Church was built in 1835 on Berczy Street2023-11-18T09:12:16-05:00
The Reform Episcopal Church at 39 Collier Street was designed by architect Thomas Kennedy2022-01-16T10:33:26-05:00
The Salvation Army citadel on Collier Street2021-09-16T16:42:33-04:00
Looking toward the pipe organ at the front of Collier Street Methodist Church2021-08-21T20:42:32-04:00
Looking out over the interior of Collier Street Methodist Church from the upper gallery2021-08-21T20:39:32-04:00
Construction of Central United Church.2021-06-25T11:21:49-04:00
The interior of St. Mary’s church on Mulcaster Street, built in 1872 and designed by Shearman Bird2020-08-27T19:38:42-04:00
The first Sacred Heart of Mary church and buriel grounds were on the East side of Mulcaster Street just North of the jail.2020-08-27T19:35:39-04:00
St.Mary’s church was designed by Shearman Bird and built in 1872. The deanery and church were located on Mulcaster Street2020-08-27T19:31:36-04:00
The Salvation Army Citadel located at 60 Collier Street2020-05-28T14:37:20-04:00
The Barrie Presbyterian Church on Collier Street between Clapperton and Owen Streets. It was later sold to the Salvation Army2020-05-28T14:34:00-04:00
Methodist Church at the corner of Elizabeth and Toronto Streets, also known as the first Central United Church building2020-04-14T17:36:34-04:00
Central United Church demolition (36)2020-04-14T14:10:09-04:00
Central United Church demolition (27)2020-04-14T14:11:01-04:00
Centennial Service in August at Collier Street United Church (back of photo)2020-04-05T14:13:19-04:00
Collier Street United Church ushers at the centennial service during Barrie’s centennial2020-04-05T14:04:32-04:00
Collier Street United Church and manse2020-03-22T18:10:35-04:00
The steeple of Collier Street United Church2020-03-22T16:37:59-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street at Collier Street United Church and Sunday School building2020-03-22T16:39:32-04:00
The cornerstone of Collier Street Methodist Church2020-03-22T16:40:58-04:00
Former First Baptist Church building located at the Souteast corner of Clapperton and Worsley Streets2020-01-15T17:18:14-05:00
Former Free Methodist Church located at 200 Bayfield Street2019-10-25T17:07:17-04:00
Former location of the Salvation Army citadel at 60 Collier Street2019-10-25T16:53:01-04:00
Free Methodist Church that stood at 200 Bayfield Street2019-10-20T12:35:00-04:00
Interior of Collier Street United Church (2).2018-11-11T10:11:15-05:00
Interior of Collier Street United Church.2018-11-11T10:07:07-05:00
Collier Street United Church (2).2018-11-11T10:01:11-05:00
Collier Street United Church.2018-11-11T10:01:38-05:00
Opening of the Parish Hall at Trinity Anglican Church on Collier Street.2017-05-03T16:46:18-04:00
Taken from the balcony of 52 McDonald Street. A bus from Hi-Way Church looses control of its brakes and backs into a home.2017-03-03T11:49:43-05:00
List of Churches in Barrie.2017-02-21T17:08:56-05:00
Collier Street between Owen Street and Berczy Street, showing Collier Street United Church, Collier Place and other residences and businesses.2017-02-21T16:52:23-05:00
Excavating the lot where the congregational church was to build the Trinity Anglican Church Parish Hall on Collier Street.2023-12-22T19:20:19-05:00
The bell tower of Trinity Anglican school and parish hall on Collier Street2023-12-22T19:28:12-05:00
Exterior of the old congregational church below Trinity Anglican Church on Collier Street. Emmanuel Baptist Church can be seen in part to the right of it.2017-02-14T14:09:53-05:00
Looking down Mulcaster Street towards downtown from the parking lot built on the former St. Mary’s Church property.2017-02-14T13:28:33-05:00
Junior Choir at First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street performs their Christmas program.2017-02-06T09:32:09-05:00
Junior Choir at First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-06T09:32:50-05:00
Exterior of First Baptist Church on the corner of Clapperton and Worsley Streets.2017-02-08T13:49:53-05:00
Young people gather for a Sunday School class at First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:54:04-05:00
Waldman house the first parsonage of First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:56:48-05:00
Exterior sign at First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:58:34-05:00
Exterior of First Baptist Church on the corner of Worsley and Clapperton Streets.2017-02-08T13:59:47-05:00
Exterior sign for First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street.2017-02-08T13:59:59-05:00
First Baptist Church on Clapperton Street goes up for sale before their move to Grove Street.2017-02-08T14:01:02-05:00
A view of St. Andrews Church at Owen and Worsley Streets.2017-01-01T20:54:23-05:00
Central United Church on Dunlop Street West and Toronto Street prior to its move and demolition.2016-11-17T13:11:20-05:00
Looking at Trinity Anglican Church from the Roof of 85 Bayfield Street.2016-09-08T17:53:30-04:00
Charter Member Turns Sod At Site Of New Church.2016-09-07T20:40:45-04:00
Aerial view of Collier Street Church before the round Sunday School building was demolished to build Collier Place.2016-09-06T18:47:27-04:00
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