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Postcard looking West down Collier Street at Victoria (Central) School and at Congregational and Trinity Churches.2016-09-05T16:29:32-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street being prepared for its major demolition of the 1919 building and subsequent renovation and addition.2016-07-23T01:12:19-04:00
Looking towards Barrie Central Collegiate over High Street with Dunlop Street West on the right.2016-06-30T21:54:29-04:00
The original 1919 Barrie Central Collegiate building on Bradford Street is prepared to be torn down during major renovations.2016-07-23T01:12:11-04:00
View from the hoop, atop Central’s senior boys basketball team.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Central Redskin coaches observe a football game at the Barrie North Collegiate campus.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Central senior boys basketball team poses for a team photo.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Central Redskins battle agaisnt North’s Vikings in an exciting game of football.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Central’s senior boys basketball team pose for a team photo with their coaches.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate’s courtyard is used for a tree planting ceremony in honour of Canada’s centennial year.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Students at Central take on the faculty at a students vs. teachers volleyball game.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
The Barrie Central Collegiate football team poses for a team picture.2016-06-22T16:41:39-04:00
Grade 13 students return to Central following their baseball game at Queen’s Park. They make their way down Parkside Drive to Dunlop Street, passing the old Weston Bakery prior to its conversion to the Brookdale Inn.2016-06-22T16:42:23-04:00
Central students cheer on their peers at a students vs. teachers volleyball game.2016-06-22T01:00:13-04:00
Central students dress up for a students vs. teachers volleyball game.2016-06-22T00:59:59-04:00
A faculty member from Central jumps for the ball during a students vs. teachers volleyball game.2016-12-10T21:39:49-05:00
Central students take on the faculty in a rousing game of volleyball, while spectators on the bench look on.2016-06-21T23:53:23-04:00
Teachers at Central prepare to take on the students in a students vs. teachers volleyball game.2016-06-22T00:59:45-04:00
Students and teachers engage in a friendly game of volleyball at Barrie Central Collegiate.2016-06-21T23:53:23-04:00
Central students and teachers enjoy a game of volleyball together.2016-06-21T23:53:23-04:00
Three students at Central Collegiate develop film for the school yearbook.2016-06-21T22:06:19-04:00
A female student takes a swing at a Central student baseball game in Queen’s Park.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
Barrie Central students enjoy a rousing game of baseball at Queen’s Park.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
Grade 13 Central students play baseball at Queen’s Park, with the Barrie Armoury in the background.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
Grade 13 students from Central play a game of baseball amongst the fall leaves in Queen’s Park.2016-12-10T21:39:43-05:00
Central Students make their way to the gymnasium with their desks in hand, ready to write their exams.2016-06-21T21:59:38-04:00
W.A. Fisher conducts the Central band in the courtyard at a tree planting ceremony in honour of Canada’s centennial year.2016-06-21T22:36:42-04:00
Central students take part in the United Appeal Fashion Show in the auditorium.2017-01-04T08:54:22-05:00
Central students begin their Christmas exams in the gymnasium.2016-06-21T19:49:16-04:00
Central students write their exams before the Christmas break in the gym.2016-06-21T19:49:16-04:00
Central School, which became Victoria School in 1920, was located on the Northwest corner of Owen Street and Collier Street. It was demolished and the second Post Office replaced it after 1958. This too was torn down and a Scotia Bank sits there now. Notice the (now gone) steeple of Trinity Anglican Church behind the school.2016-05-02T10:03:11-04:00
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