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A view of Carley’s Boat Works and lakeshore2020-02-10T12:38:56-05:00
Looking East at Levi Carley’s wharf at the foor of Mulcaster Street at a steam yacht, the Mayflower, owned by a Mr. Stevenson2020-02-07T10:42:52-05:00
Looking East at the demolition of Carley’s building at the foot of Mulcaster Street2019-10-31T18:35:57-04:00
A view from the ice of court house hill and City Hall2019-10-19T20:03:20-04:00
A helicopter prepares to desend during a Winter Carnival on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-09-05T16:46:22-04:00
A postcard showing the Waterfront, the Grand Truck Railway Station (left), Carley’s Boat House (right) and activity on Kempenfelt Bay.2016-09-05T16:45:51-04:00
Postcard showing sailboats in front of Carley’s Boathouse at the foot of Mulcaster Street.2016-09-05T16:31:48-04:00
Home of the Carley family (of Carley Boathouses) near the corner of Mulcaster and Worsley Streets.2020-02-07T10:30:52-05:00
A postcard of Lakeside Park later renamed Bayview Park and then Sam Cancilla Park, showing Carley’s Boats and the waterfront gazebo.2016-06-21T20:03:26-04:00
The “Wind Will” docked at Carley’s Boats at the base of Mulcaster Street.2016-12-10T20:50:46-05:00
Looking East down the train tracks before (then) Lakeshore Drive was extended East to Mulcaster Street.2016-07-06T16:40:29-04:00