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A view of a plane flying over the Canadian General Electric plant on Bradford Street2020-07-16T20:33:44-04:00
Canadian General Electric hockey team.2019-01-09T18:07:46-05:00
Workers in the foundry at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T18:05:33-05:00
Women working on the toaster line at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T18:03:39-05:00
Women work on assembling and packing toasters and heating pads2019-05-23T11:52:26-04:00
Women setting up kettle bottoms for plating at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:59:32-05:00
Two toolmakers have a discussion at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:55:36-05:00
The punch press line at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:53:50-05:00
Kettles being trimmed and buffed at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:51:54-05:00
Kettle bottoms being plated at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:50:04-05:00
Chuck Germaine and another tool maker at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:47:35-05:00
A worker at Canadian General Electric handles the plating equipment2019-01-09T17:45:18-05:00
Celebrations at the General Electric plant on Bradford Street. The occasion was a recent expansion of the factory and honouring the plant Quarter Century Club members.2016-12-10T21:28:05-05:00
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