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Footage of Jackson Motors at Dunlop Street East and Mulcaster Street and Park Motors at Bradford and Vespra Streets.2024-04-28T20:15:02-04:00
The former home at 164 Bradford Street of Benjamin Wilson Rhinehart, printer, Dean of the printing fraternity of Simcoe County who brought American baseball to Barrie2023-04-17T15:46:35-04:00
Looking west at the head of the bay and the Barrie Tannery on Bradford Street2023-01-18T20:29:42-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute rugby team after defeating Orillia 29-02022-05-13T20:21:00-04:00
Looking North on Bradford Street at the Barrie Tanning Company2022-05-13T18:37:55-04:00
A close up of the demolition of the original Barrie Central Collegiate building on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:23:19-04:00
The demolition of the original Barrie Central Collegiate on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:19:35-04:00
Demolition begins on the original Barrie Central Collegiate building on Bradford Street2021-09-16T09:16:22-04:00
The Clifton Hotel in October 1992 before demolition2021-07-16T21:20:35-04:00
Frontier Hyundai Commercial with Bob Jackson.2021-04-08T14:19:55-04:00
The cast of Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of the H.M.S. Pinafore2021-02-22T20:29:39-05:00
Army cadets at Barrie Central Collegiate. Front row far left is Ray Thompson and next to him is George Holownia. Front row far right is Brian Westgarth-Taylor2021-02-22T20:10:39-05:00
An early photo of Major Joseph Roger’s home Roselawn at 9 Bradford Street2021-02-20T15:40:58-05:00
Roselawn was built at 9 Bradford Street in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T15:19:18-05:00
Major Joseph Roger’s home Roselawn was built in 18652021-02-20T14:52:44-05:00
Roselawn was built in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T14:47:26-05:00
Roselawn, located at 9 Bradford Street, was built in 1865 for Major Joseph and Mrs. Anne (Whitebread) Rogers2021-02-20T14:41:29-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Bradford Street2021-12-17T09:53:44-05:00
The West Ward School on Bradford Street, later renamed Prince of Wales School2021-11-12T22:34:08-05:00
The Grand Lodge of Ontario Oddfellows in session on their 70th annivesary are assembled in front of the Agricultural Hall main fair grounds building on Bradford Street2020-07-16T21:17:52-04:00
A view of a plane flying over the Canadian General Electric plant on Bradford Street2020-07-16T20:33:44-04:00
Preparing for the Canadian General Electric open house In October2020-07-16T20:27:59-04:00
Ted’s Barbershop on High Street South of Dunlop Street2020-05-14T11:21:13-04:00
The McKay-Hogg Woolen Mills located on the West side of High Street South of Elizabeth Street2020-05-06T21:01:02-04:00
A view from the water of Simcoe Street and buildings on Bradford Street2019-10-31T19:42:46-04:00
The Kay Bee Lunch Bar on Bradford Street2019-10-19T17:33:26-04:00
Canadian General Electric hockey team.2019-01-09T18:07:46-05:00
Workers in the foundry at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T18:05:33-05:00
Women working on the toaster line at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T18:03:39-05:00
Women work on assembling and packing toasters and heating pads2019-05-23T11:52:26-04:00
Women setting up kettle bottoms for plating at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:59:32-05:00
Two toolmakers have a discussion at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:55:36-05:00
The punch press line at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:53:50-05:00
Kettles being trimmed and buffed at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:51:54-05:00
Kettle bottoms being plated at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:50:04-05:00
Chuck Germaine and another tool maker at the Canadian General Electric plant2019-01-09T17:47:35-05:00
A worker at Canadian General Electric handles the plating equipment2019-01-09T17:45:18-05:00
A woman works on iron assembly at Canadian General Electric2019-01-09T17:42:39-05:00
A view of the plating racks for small appliances at the Canadian General Electric factory2019-01-09T17:40:22-05:00
French Motors on Bradford Street is sold in October of 1991.2019-01-20T16:04:58-05:00
Margaret Osborne, Mollie Helper, Mossie McCutcheon, Lucinda Paddison, Evelyn Buchanan and Elsie Howard outside of Barrie Collegiate Institute.2018-12-08T10:23:58-05:00
90 year old Thomas Sibbald poses in front of 111 Bradford Street.2017-05-30T23:43:05-04:00
Will Sibbald at his residence at 111 Bradford Street.2017-05-30T23:41:20-04:00
Former residences at 34 and 36 Bradford Street boarded up and waiting for demolition (1).2017-05-30T23:29:56-04:00
Former residences at 34 and 36 Bradford Street boarded up and waiting for demolition (2).2017-05-30T23:29:51-04:00
Former residences at 38 and 40 Bradford Street boarded up and waiting for demolition.2017-05-30T23:29:47-04:00
Former residential buildings 34, 36, 38 and 40 Bradford Street boarded up and waiting for demolition.2017-05-30T23:29:31-04:00
An empty walkway beside the field and building of the former Prince of Wales Elementary School on Bradford Street.2017-05-29T21:27:16-04:00
The Clifton Hotel on Bradford Street is boarded up in its very final days2017-05-29T20:46:32-04:00
Residence at 160 Bradford Street.2017-05-29T17:48:45-04:00
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