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The sign above Empke’s Hardware on Dunlop Street East2022-01-06T19:34:05-05:00
A view from the water of the downtown showing the Fred Grant Square area and construction of the Municipal Savings and Loan building on Collier Street2021-09-16T08:24:40-04:00
Construction is underway to build a new Toronto Dominion bank on the North East corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2021-09-16T08:17:46-04:00
Demolition of the building at the North East corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets, designed by Thomas Kennedy, is underway2021-09-16T08:07:23-04:00
A view of the South side of Dunlop Street and Memorial Square2021-07-07T20:37:51-04:00
A view of Caldwell’s Drugstore located at the Northeast corner of Dunlop and Owen Streets2020-04-24T17:14:39-04:00
An advertisement for Scott’s Books which was located at Dunlop Street2020-03-16T20:18:01-04:00
Alex Scott’s book store and R.A. Douglas’ jewelry store were tenants at 80 Dunlop Street in the Bothwell Block2022-01-16T09:28:19-05:00
A fire on January 22, 1979 destroys the upper floor of 80 Dunlop Street East2020-02-08T19:29:05-05:00
Parade heading West down Dunlop Street East passing the foot of Owen Street and Post Office Square.2020-12-09T17:06:56-05:00
Looking at Mann’s Book Store, Sanders Block and Bothwell Block on Dunlop Street from Owen Street. These brick buildings replaced former buildings destroyed by fire.2022-01-16T09:30:07-05:00
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