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Residence at 42 Blake Street.2017-05-29T17:48:38-04:00
Residence at 16 Blake Street.2017-05-29T17:38:17-04:00
Residence on Blake Street showing gingerbread style trim.2017-05-29T17:37:30-04:00
Aerial view looking down Blake Street.2017-01-07T20:13:11-05:00
A view of Blake Street looking East.2017-01-01T19:51:24-05:00
Snow Ploughing, Supertest Garage at Blake and Dunlop, fire on Dunlop Street East next to Empke Hardware and Monkman’s Drugs. Filmed by D. Corbett of 106 Dunlop Street.2017-01-01T12:42:23-05:00
The old Barrie Collegiate Institute on Blake Street.2016-09-05T17:22:19-04:00
Ardraven II coachman’s house located at 42 Blake Street.2016-09-02T01:16:36-04:00
126 Blake Street. This building was home to the Smith family who also founded the Lake Simcoe Motel which was located on the West side of their home.2016-07-06T18:52:10-04:00
Looking down above Blake Street on a wintry New Year’s Day.2016-07-01T19:37:33-04:00
A postcard showing the intersection of Blake Street and Dundonald Street.2016-06-09T22:39:08-04:00
Supertest Station at the intersections of Collier Street and Dundonald Street where Blake Street turns into Dunlop Street East.2016-06-11T00:55:11-04:00
Blake Street looking West towards Collier Street.2016-06-11T00:56:03-04:00
Blake looking East towards St. Vincent Street.2016-06-11T00:55:57-04:00
Kempview Bowl’s demolition at Blake Street.2016-05-21T18:09:58-04:00
The Supertest gas station that sat at the bottom of steep Dundonald Street where it met Collier, Dunlop and Blake Streets. Today, the Bay Club condominium tower occupies that spot.2016-05-11T19:19:35-04:00