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Snow and ice piles up along Centennial Beach on a cold winters day.2017-03-03T11:59:13-05:00
Two young boys play near the water at Centennial Park.2017-03-03T11:43:24-05:00
Students swimming at Centennial Park.2017-02-06T09:33:37-05:00
A family tests out the water at Barrie’s Bathing Beach located at the foot of Mary Street.2016-12-03T01:06:56-05:00
Souvenir of Barrie Postcard Collection showing the waterfront beach South of downtown.2016-09-05T16:32:13-04:00
Postcard looking North up the beach at Centennial Park.2016-12-10T21:47:11-05:00
Looking South East towards the Rotary Fountain at Centennial Park.2016-09-05T16:18:50-04:00
Aerial view of the waterfront of Kempenfelt Bay, later to be developed into the Barrie Marina and Centennial Park.2020-06-29T11:51:54-04:00
Looking South towards the Rotary Fountain at Centennial Park.2016-09-05T16:13:51-04:00
A Centennial Grandmother poses down by the beach during centennial celebrations for Canada.2016-07-01T05:13:06-04:00
Postcard of Lakeshore Drive looking East over Kempenfelt Bay towards downtown Barrie.2016-06-11T01:37:42-04:00
Postcard of residents enjoying summer fun at Centennial Park.2016-06-11T01:29:27-04:00
Centennial Park showing picnic tables and the famous red, twisty metal slide.2016-05-23T23:16:40-04:00
The Rotary fountain at Centennial Park.2016-05-24T00:02:41-04:00
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