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Looking West on Collier Street at Barrie City Hall2020-08-27T19:59:35-04:00
The Civic Square Tower under construction between the Salvation Army citadel and the American Hotel on Collier Street2019-11-07T08:33:14-05:00
A view of Barrie from the water. City Hall and the old fire hall are visible2019-10-19T21:24:52-04:00
The American Hotel on Collier Street is demolished.2017-03-03T11:42:10-05:00
Demolition of the American Hotel on Collier Street.2017-03-03T11:28:07-05:00
Town Crier, Steve Travers, talks about the American Hotel on the spot where it stood.2016-11-06T10:15:52-05:00
Construction of the Municipal Savings and Loan Corporation offices at 70 Collier Street.2016-09-06T15:15:40-04:00
Postcard looking West at the Market Building on Mulcaster Street.2016-09-05T16:18:43-04:00
Mayor Willard Kinzie (centre back) enjoys a conversation with others outside of City Hall on Mulcaster Street. The American Hotel (Yank) can be seen in the background.2016-09-06T20:29:48-04:00
Delivery of Reapers and Mowers Parade in front of the American Hotel (Yank) and newly renovated (1877) Market Building looking East on Collier Street.2016-07-08T18:22:31-04:00
Looking at the American Hotel (Yank) on Collier Street. The municipal building, later to be claimed for city hall offices would soon be built on these lots.2016-06-30T21:55:45-04:00
Looking East down Collier Street at City Hall from the top of the American Hotel building (The Yank).2016-06-27T02:58:29-04:00
The original Fire Hall on the corner Mulcaster and Collier Streets.2016-06-27T03:18:44-04:00
The original Fire Hall on the corner of Collier and Mulcaster Streets falls into disrepair before being demolished.2016-06-27T03:18:57-04:00
The Fire Hall on the corners of Mulcaster and Collier Streets comes down.2016-06-27T03:19:08-04:00
Sale notice of the American Hotel (The Yank) on Collier Street.2016-05-21T20:25:26-04:00
Looking West on Collier Street showing The American Hotel, otherwise known as “The Yank”.2016-12-10T21:42:17-05:00
Painting of Market Square and American Hotel.2016-05-01T15:22:32-04:00
A wonderful aerial view of the Market Square area showing City Hall, the American Hotel and the surrounding neighbourhood.2016-06-05T18:13:45-04:00
Mansion House, later the American Hotel, on Collier Street at Mulcaster Street.2016-04-28T21:28:47-04:00
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