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A 6 in hand pony hitch at the Lo-Land Ranch, 125 Wellington Street West. Cliff Webb, driver and Bill Lowe owner pose for Red Favaro trying out his new colour camera2021-05-02T15:08:17-04:00
Charlie Lowe and grandson Chuck in a pony cart stopped on the Anne Street bridge alongside Gary Valley in his 1953 Plymouth2021-05-02T15:00:54-04:00
An original watercolour of 1975 Fred Grant Square by Monika Maizis2021-05-01T20:59:27-04:00
The former family home of future downtown merchant W.C. Hunter2021-04-17T13:44:43-04:00
The former home of merchant William Charles Hunter and his wife Claudina located at 159 Owen Street2021-04-17T13:36:50-04:00
he house at 121 Mulcaster Street was the family home of W.C. Hunter, future merchant2021-04-17T13:26:19-04:00
The Edmund Lally House at 118 Collier Street2021-04-14T15:56:40-04:00
Frontier Hyundai Commercial with Bob Jackson.2021-04-08T14:19:55-04:00
The Bell Canada Central Office located at 140 Bayfield Street2021-03-06T22:04:30-05:00
The former Bell Telephone Company building on Dunlop Street West2021-03-06T21:05:55-05:00
Advertisement Bell Telephone’s Open House at their new Central Office at 140 Bayfield Street2021-03-06T20:54:11-05:00
A Barrie and area telephone directory2021-03-06T20:50:05-05:00
A photo from 1911 of the switchboard staff at the Bell Telephone office at 17 Elizabeth Street2021-03-06T20:46:56-05:00
A newspaper photo from 1908 of the Bell Telephone Operators at 17 Elizabeth Street2021-03-06T20:39:37-05:00
The rear of the former Bell Telephone building on Dunlop Street2021-03-06T20:31:34-05:00
The cast of Barrie Central Collegiate’s production of the H.M.S. Pinafore2021-02-22T20:29:39-05:00
Ken Prophet and unidentified woman celebrating the first anniversary of the Huronia Numismatics Club2021-02-22T20:19:00-05:00
Chick Donnelly drives a skidoo at the Barrie Winter Carnival2021-02-22T20:07:08-05:00
Cadet Ken Brydges with a snowmobile from Bombardier at the Barrie Winter Carnival2021-02-22T20:09:06-05:00
Cadet Chick Donnelly drives a snowmobile at the Barrie Winter Carnival2021-02-22T20:09:54-05:00
Army cadets at Barrie Central Collegiate. Front row far left is Ray Thompson and next to him is George Holownia. Front row far right is Brian Westgarth-Taylor2021-02-22T20:10:39-05:00
An early photo of Major Joseph Roger’s home Roselawn at 9 Bradford Street2021-02-20T15:40:58-05:00
Roselawn was built at 9 Bradford Street in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T15:19:18-05:00
The one-time home and location of the Whitebread carriage maker’s shop2021-02-20T15:10:06-05:00
Major Joseph Roger’s home Roselawn was built in 18652021-02-20T14:52:44-05:00
Roselawn was built in 1865 for Major Joseph Rogers2021-02-20T14:47:26-05:00
Roselawn, located at 9 Bradford Street, was built in 1865 for Major Joseph and Mrs. Anne (Whitebread) Rogers2021-02-20T14:41:29-05:00
The Registry Office located at the North East corner of Mulcaster and Worsley Street. The county jail in on the hill in the background2021-02-19T18:06:19-05:00
A sketch of early Barrie looking north from the head of Kempenfelt Bay2021-02-19T17:47:58-05:00
An advertisement for the steamer the Beaver which operated on Lake Simcoe2021-02-19T17:37:26-05:00
The house at 169 Bayfield Street was once the home of H.B. Joyner, John Barr and George Ball2021-02-13T18:39:24-05:00
The home of builder George Ball was located at 62 John Street (now Maple Avenue)2021-02-13T17:11:29-05:00
A video compilation of 1950’s and 1960’s Barrie Winter Carnivals plus a 1958 air show2021-02-03T19:18:11-05:00
The Examiner Printing Office located at 139 Dunlop Street East2021-02-03T11:49:11-05:00
An advertisement in an 1873 Northern Gazette for Miss Morton’s shop on Dunlop Street2021-02-03T11:40:01-05:00
An advertisement in the Northern Gazette for John Stephen’s Photogragh Gallery2021-02-03T11:16:19-05:00
A stagecoach advertisement from the Simcoe County Directory2021-02-03T11:12:14-05:00
A postcard looking East on Dunlop Street from Five Points2021-01-24T12:32:39-05:00
A postcard view from the water of post office square and the Barrie train station2021-01-24T12:24:58-05:00
A postcard of a crowd near the government dock on a Civic holiday weekend2021-01-24T12:16:54-05:00
Barrie Collegiate Institute on Bradford Street2021-01-23T21:08:15-05:00
St. Joseph’s High School on Mulcaster Street2021-01-23T21:08:57-05:00
Hillcrest School located on Toronto Street2021-01-23T21:10:38-05:00
St. Mary’s Separate School was located on Courthouse Hill on Codrington Street2021-01-23T21:12:35-05:00
The West Ward School on Bradford Street, later renamed Prince of Wales School2021-01-23T21:13:09-05:00
The Central School (later renamed Victoria School) which was located on the North West corner of Collier and Owen Streets2021-01-23T21:13:56-05:00
he South side of 178 Bayfield Street, home of former 1908 Barrie mayor John H. Bennett2021-01-14T21:22:40-05:00
This Queen Anne style home was built in 1895 for John H. Bennett, Mayor of Barrie in 19082021-01-14T21:17:13-05:00
The home at 178 Bayfield Street was built for John H. Bennett, Mayor of Barrie in 19082021-01-14T21:07:37-05:00
The home at 178 Bayfield Street once belonged to Mayor John H. Bennett2021-01-14T20:54:30-05:00
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