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Looking South from Bayfield Street at the new Highway 4002020-04-24T17:11:09-04:00
Looking South at the new Highway 400 from Bayfield Street2020-10-17T19:19:35-04:00
Charms ‘N Things kiosk at Georgian Mall. Heather Jackson is pictured with staff third from left.2017-02-27T12:22:27-05:00
Hyundai Excels for delivery at Pizza Hut, started by Mr Ferguson, partner of John Henderson.2017-02-27T12:15:41-05:00
Car from Jackson’s Motors on display at Georgian Mall.2017-02-27T12:08:12-05:00
North end of Bayfield Mall, at Bayfield Street and Glenwood Drive.2017-02-21T16:53:25-05:00
Bayfield Street at Livingstone Street West, showing the Water Tower and Walmart Plaza, and some of the Springwater Plaza.2017-02-20T10:54:17-05:00
Bayfield Street at Heather Street showing buisnesses on Bayfield Street including the Kozlov Center. Wendy’s and Swiss Chalet.2017-02-20T10:53:09-05:00
Aerial view of the intersection at Bayfield Street and Cundles Road.2017-02-14T14:13:23-05:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street North, showing the Bay Shopping Center.2017-02-14T14:12:06-05:00
Aerial view of the Bayfield Mall at Bayfield Street, Coulter Street and the Highway 400 off ramp.2017-02-12T21:21:38-05:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street and Highway 400 on and off ramps, showing some of the Bayfield Mall Shopping Plaza.2017-02-12T21:20:42-05:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street at Cundles Street West, showing Kozlov Centre and Bayfield Street businesses.2017-02-12T21:18:58-05:00
Aerial showing Bayfield Street diagnal lower left, on the upper right Bayfield Mall, upper far right Kmart Towers and Georgian Mall middle right.2017-01-23T16:19:27-05:00
BHA Chair, Travis Doucette beside a transit poster on Bayfield Street prior to the launch of the BHA.2016-09-15T21:32:48-04:00
Aerial view of Bayfield Street looking South towards downtown.2016-09-06T14:12:05-04:00
Aerial View of Bayfield and surrounding area (2).2016-09-05T16:07:35-04:00
Aerial shot looking down Bayfield Street North towards Midhurst.2016-12-04T12:53:05-05:00
MPP George Taylor at the opening ceremony for Wendy’s Restaurant on Bayfield Street with a girl dressed up as Wendy.2016-12-04T13:08:18-05:00
MPP George Taylor presenting a plaque at the opening ceremony for Wendy’s Restaurant on Bayfield Street.2016-12-04T13:07:19-05:00
MPP George Taylor doing ribbon cutting at opening ceremony for Wendy’s Restaurant on Bayfield Street.2016-09-06T20:00:47-04:00
Kozlov Apartments as seen from the South West corner of Cundles Road and Bayfield Streets.2016-07-08T04:51:38-04:00
Kozlov Mall as seen from the corner of Bayfield Street and Cundles Road.2016-07-08T04:51:38-04:00
Car making a right hand turn from Glendale Drive unto Cundles Road. Zellers, located at Kozlov Mall on the corner Bayfield Street and Cundles Road can be seen in the background.2016-12-04T13:04:33-05:00
Looking South East at the intersection of Cundles Road and Bayfield Street from the corner of the Kozlov Mall parking lot.2016-07-08T04:51:38-04:00
McDonald’s on the corner of Bayfield Street and Livingstone. This is the second incarnation of the building, after the basement of the original was dug out to provide an area of birthday parties. The structure that stands today was completely rebuilt South of this lot in the 2000’s.2016-06-09T03:12:09-04:00
Car parked out front of the newly opened K-Mart Department Store. K-Mart would eventually become park of the Georgian Mall. Today, Hudson Bay occupies this property.2016-12-04T12:50:31-05:00
Bayfield Street with nothing but farms just north of Highway 400.2016-05-21T17:33:36-04:00
Zehrs changing over to a Loblaws store on Bayfield Street North.2016-05-18T00:02:56-04:00
Kozlov Centre Grand Opening Flyer showing 400 Bayfield Street, Mall Anchors, Zellers and A&P.2016-05-18T00:04:00-04:00
Barrie Burger on Bayfield Street near Glenwood Drive2016-05-18T00:05:21-04:00
Looking at Bayfield Street and Cundles Road from the Kozlov Street apartment complex.2016-05-18T00:05:32-04:00
McDonald’s on Bayfield Street in the 1970’s.2016-10-24T19:46:23-04:00
McDonald’s Sign with Food City and Bayfield Street in the background.2016-05-18T00:07:28-04:00
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