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Total News Intro.2024-04-28T20:34:40-04:00
CKVR TV 3 Movie Intro.2024-04-28T20:34:28-04:00
The Total News Report You Never Saw.2024-04-28T20:30:45-04:00
CKVR Sign-On.2024-04-28T20:28:07-04:00
Vintage Film Footage of CKVR Staff.2024-04-28T20:27:58-04:00
CKVR “Take Two” – Bloopers from the 1980’s.2024-04-28T20:24:57-04:00
Ardagh Land Registry Map Showing Mayfair Drive, Florence Park and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:29:17-04:00
Land registry map showing Crawford Street, Patterson Road and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:15:41-04:00
Land registry map showing Concession 14 (Ardagh Road), Neva Road and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:10:28-04:00
The staff of CKVR welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (b).2017-07-26T16:17:32-04:00
Tony Grace, Jayne Prichard and Bob McIntyre honour long-time CKVR employee, Jack Mattenley.2017-05-29T22:43:19-04:00
The staff of CKVR welcome Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (a).2020-03-16T14:13:08-04:00
Barrie’s Building Levee Increase.2021-04-08T14:20:50-04:00
Total News Promotion.2024-04-28T20:19:03-04:00
Eleanor Beamish, Canada’s first-ever female news camera operator and employee of CKVR, 1959-1998.2017-03-28T23:42:05-04:00
Eleanor Beamish, CKVR (and Canada’s) first-ever female news camera operator.2017-03-28T23:41:46-04:00
CKVR personality, Milt Conway poses near a camera on set at the station.2017-03-28T23:41:10-04:00
On the set of Country Hoedown at CKVR Television.2017-03-28T23:40:58-04:00
CKVR’s Ivan Soroscy cleans up broken glass in the back of a CKVR station wagon.2017-03-28T23:40:30-04:00
Shipping and receiving entrance for CKVR Television on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:40:06-04:00
CKVR employee Paul Archer stands near the shipping/receiving entrance to the station on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:36:48-04:00
Janie Robinson, Blair Belemy and Elizabeth Irwin show off an award for their work on CKVR’s “You’re Getting Better”, a show directed by seniors.2017-03-28T23:36:33-04:00
A reporter films the aftermath following the plane crash that took down the CKVR broadcast tower.2017-03-28T23:35:14-04:00
A reporter stands atop of the fallen CKVR tower to take footage of the disaster.2017-03-28T23:33:27-04:00
A reporter takes in the damage after a plane crashes into the CKVR broadcast tower.2017-03-28T23:32:14-04:00
Following a deadly plane crash, the CKVR tower lays in ruins.2017-03-28T23:31:53-04:00
Following a plane crash, the CKVR broadcast tower is reduced to rubble.2017-03-28T23:31:36-04:00
Looking at the damaged CKVR tower following a deadly plane crash.2017-03-28T23:31:17-04:00
The CKVR tower breaks through the roof of the station building after being struck by an airplane.2017-03-28T23:31:02-04:00
The CKVR Tower is reduced to rubble following a deadly plane crash.2017-03-28T23:30:45-04:00
CKVR Television logo used in the 1970’s and 80’s.2017-03-28T23:28:45-04:00
CKVR personality, Jayne Stafford poses with a tiger.2017-03-28T23:28:28-04:00
Adjustments are made to the CKVR broadcast tower on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:27:13-04:00
A new temporary tower is constructed on the property of CKVR Television on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:25:13-04:00
Looking at the shipping and receiving entrance of CKVR Television on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:24:59-04:00
Keith Cheney, Geoff Bruce and another camera man, rig up a camera to a car on the campus of CKVR Television on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:23:20-04:00
Janie Robinson (left) and guests on set at CKVR Television.2017-03-28T23:23:14-04:00
Mike Dinel, CKVR camera man, poses outside of a CKVR Television station wagon.2017-03-28T23:22:01-04:00
Paul Miller and Ed Boyenga at work in a CKVR Television control room.2017-03-28T23:21:21-04:00
Total News Logo from CKVR Television.2017-03-28T23:20:59-04:00
Jayne Prichard (Stafford) on the set of CKVR Television’s Good company.2017-03-28T23:17:46-04:00
A CKVR receptionist at the switchboard on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:13:00-04:00
Ivan Sarossy and Eleanor Beamish shooting a 35mm commercial for a drive at CKVR studios on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T23:12:06-04:00
Chris James operates a Betacam machine at CKVR Television Station on Beacon Road.2017-03-28T22:40:01-04:00
A new CKVR Television billboard is installed near the dead end of Harvie Road overlooking Highway 400.2017-03-28T22:38:41-04:00
Alf Willis at a control desk at CKVR Television.2017-03-28T22:38:01-04:00
Camera woman, Eleanor Beamish cuts through a red ribbon revealing a new CKVR logo.2017-03-28T22:37:27-04:00
CKVR Television’s Jim Holmes at work at a control desk.2017-03-28T22:36:23-04:00
Lisa VanErp and manager, Jack Mattenley cut a cake celebrating CKVR’s 35th Anniversary.2017-03-28T22:35:23-04:00
Aerial looking over the Timberwalk subdivision West of the CKVR TV tower.2017-02-28T23:04:40-05:00
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