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Burton Avenue United Church is located at the corner of Burton Avenue and William Street2022-01-26T15:32:33-05:00
Built about 1888 for civil engineer Henry Holgate, Group of Seven artist Edwin Holgate was born in this home in 18922021-05-22T13:44:08-04:00
The former home of civil engineer Henry Holdate and his son Group of Seven artist Edwin Holgate was built about 18882021-05-22T13:35:21-04:00
Looking South at Allandale Heights following the tornado. The I.O.O.F complex is in the foreground and Allandale Heights Public School can be seen in the upper left2021-05-01T19:57:59-04:00
Land registry map showing Baldwin Lane, William Street, Holgate Street, Reid Street, Frank Street and Mildred Street and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:27:49-04:00
Land registry map showing Baldwin Lane, Baldwin Street, Holgate Street, William Street, Archie Street and surrounding areas.2018-04-08T15:27:46-04:00
Land registry map showing Baldwin Lane, Reid Street, Holgate Street, William Street and surrounding areas.2018-01-25T21:20:47-05:00
Chiropractic office at 22 Gowan Street on the corner of Gowan and William Streets.2016-09-05T17:02:10-04:00
Looking Northwest towards the William Street from the Allandale rail yard.2016-09-05T17:02:01-04:00
Gowan Street looking East towards William Street.2021-05-20T16:27:25-04:00
Home of James Burton at Baldwin Lane and William Street.2016-12-10T20:52:48-05:00
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