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Helen Galbraith with Douglas and Mildred on the lawn in front of the Allandale train station.2020-05-31T11:19:32-04:00
Looking North from tracks parallel to the Mechanics Building, now the Southshore Centre in the Allandale rail yard.2016-09-05T16:02:28-04:00
Looking North from the third Allandale Train Station (right) following the washout. The Grand Trunk Railroad owned and operated the Allandale Train Station at this time.2017-02-21T20:11:50-05:00
Looking South following the washout at the third Allandale Train Station.2017-02-21T20:18:38-05:00
Conductor, brakeman and Station Master in front of Locomotive No. 8351 in the Allandale Rail Yard.2016-06-09T20:41:05-04:00
Canadian National Railway Station featuring Via Rail Train #2 and Canadian Pacific Rail Sleeping Car, ‘The Brock Manor’.2016-05-23T22:01:14-04:00
Grand Trunk Railway Station (now Allandale Train Station) featuring Allen’s Hotel on Essa Road.2016-12-10T21:04:59-05:00
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