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Patron Attends Theatre.2016-12-04T14:55:15-05:00
To Open One Half Toronto-Barrie Highway in Fortnight.2016-12-04T12:17:14-05:00
Impotant Projects Mark Progress.2016-09-07T20:40:46-04:00
Most Advanced City Road Work.2016-09-05T01:50:27-04:00
Arthritis Flag Flying For the Month Of September.2017-01-24T17:46:49-05:00
Go-ahead Given To Convert Duplex.2016-07-06T02:25:04-04:00
What Should Be Done With Burned-Out Buildings Downtown.2016-12-02T21:56:21-05:00
City Will Keep All Of Sunnidale Park.2016-12-04T12:14:40-05:00
Marla Bentley Student Mayor.2016-07-04T17:44:15-04:00
Tornado Left a Trail Of Death And Destruction.2016-07-04T18:29:52-04:00
Tornadoes Leave Trail Of Death.2016-07-04T18:28:03-04:00
Barrie Community House Started During World War II.2016-07-08T23:41:21-04:00
“The Last Run” Newspaper Article. Ed LaPlante retires after 47 years of service with the Canadian National Railway.2020-05-12T14:46:03-04:00
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