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Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Burton Avenue, Cumberland Street and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:34:19-04:00
Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Armstrong Boulevard, Lansing Road, Concession 13 (Little Avenue) and Surrounding.Areas.2018-04-08T15:29:00-04:00
Land Registry Map Showing Planned Subdivision of Lot 11 at Concession 14 and Surrounding Areas.2018-01-25T21:06:44-05:00
Land Registry Map Showing Plan of Subdivision of Township Lot 11 at Concession 14 (Little Avenue) and Surrounding Areas.2018-01-25T21:07:25-05:00
Land registry map showing Lots between the 13th and 14th Concessions of Innisfil.2017-12-23T16:49:03-05:00
Land registry map showing Gowan Street, Cumberland Street and surrounding areas.2017-12-23T16:48:53-05:00
Allandale Train Station breezeway showing the distance from Barrie to Toronto.2016-09-05T16:46:23-04:00
A recreated map of the Northern Railway lines as they originally looked when they were first laid through the village of Allandale and Town of Barrie, during the middle of the 19th century.2016-06-27T02:57:23-04:00
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