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Women dressed in 19th century clothing pose with an antique locomotive in the Allandale rail yard as part of Barrie’s Centennial.2017-03-29T00:49:33-04:00
Joan and Sylvia Fisher pose with their friend Dianne in front of a CNR locomotive on display during Barrie’s centennial celebration.2017-03-29T00:48:58-04:00
Locomotive 6167 is parked in the Allandale rail yard.2017-03-29T00:34:36-04:00
Looking at locomotive 6218 while parked at the Allandale Train Station.2017-03-29T00:33:57-04:00
People gather in front of locomotive 6218 in front of the Allandale Train Station.2017-03-29T00:33:45-04:00
Railway workers work on a locomotive in the Allandale rail yard.2017-03-29T00:33:29-04:00
Mildred Brown and son, Rodger pose on a locomotive in the Allandale rail yard.2017-03-29T00:31:04-04:00
William H. Brown poses with Rodger and Nadine in front of locomotive 3290 in the Allandale rail yard.2017-03-29T00:30:38-04:00
Mildred Brown (Galbraith) poses in front of a locomotive at the Allandale Train Station.2017-03-29T00:20:00-04:00
Steam locomotive 6060 gets ready to pull out of the Allandale Train Station for its final run.2017-03-28T23:46:25-04:00
Locomotive 3301 parked in the Allandale rail yard.2017-02-21T16:47:56-05:00
Locomotive 3301 and others are lined up in the Allandale rail yard in preparation to be scraped in London, Ontario.2017-02-21T16:46:24-05:00
Locomotive 3396 parked in the Allandale rail yard.2017-02-21T16:45:27-05:00
Workers in the Allandale rail yard take a break to pose in front of Grand Trunk Railroad locomotive no. 562.2017-02-12T16:08:26-05:00
CNR GM R-S 4513 Locomotive in Allandale rail yard (2).2016-09-06T19:11:54-04:00
CNR GM R-S 4513 Locomotive in Allandale rail yard (1).2016-09-06T19:11:54-04:00
CNR GM R-S 4513 top view from a Locomotive in the Allandale rail yard.2016-09-06T19:11:51-04:00
Transcontinental locomotive heading North passing the Allandale Train Station.2016-06-09T03:23:01-04:00
Canadian National Railway steam locomotive engine No. 7152 parked in the Allandale Roundhouse.2016-06-26T12:56:12-04:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres celebrates 36 years of service at the Allandale Train Station.2016-11-20T09:00:58-05:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres in the cab of CN 6534, running southbound on the Newmarket line from North Bay.2016-12-03T11:59:04-05:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres, about to embark on his last run, at North Bay Station.2016-12-03T11:54:27-05:00
Locomotive No. 7139 at the Roundhouse in the Allandale Rail Yard. The Mechanics Building (now the Southshore Centre) can be seen in the background.2016-06-09T20:49:18-04:00
Locomotive No. 485 with rail workers in front at the Allandale Rail Yard.2016-06-26T13:07:04-04:00
Conductor, brakeman and Station Master in front of Locomotive No. 8351 in the Allandale Rail Yard.2016-06-09T20:41:05-04:00
Roundhouse graveyard featuring 10 wheeler 4-6-0 steam locomotive #1527.2016-05-17T16:50:18-04:00
Canadian National diesel locomotive at Allandale Train Station.2016-12-10T21:07:32-05:00
Local 486 of the Brotherhood of the Locomotive Engineers in front of the Allandale Train Station.2016-05-17T18:58:48-04:00
Steam locomotive #7152, type 0-6-0 in the Allandale rail yard.2016-05-17T18:58:09-04:00
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