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Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Armstrong Boulevard, Lansing Road, Concession 13 (Little Avenue) and Surrounding.Areas.2018-04-08T15:29:00-04:00
Land registry map showing proposed division of lots surrounding Concession 14 (Little Avenue) and surrounding areas.2018-01-25T21:22:33-05:00
Land Registry Map Showing Plan of Subdivision of Township Lot 11 at Concession 14 (Little Avenue) and Surrounding Areas.2018-01-25T21:07:25-05:00
A hot air balloon makes its way to the Barrie Fairgrounds. The intersection of Fairview Road and Little Avenue is seen in the foreground.2017-02-26T14:40:01-05:00
Aerial view of Bayview Avenue at Little Avenue showing the Allandale Recreation Center and residential complexes.2017-02-14T13:54:53-05:00
Aerial view overlooking Fairview Road and Little Avenue.2017-02-14T13:53:05-05:00
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