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8 Essa Road was originally Webb’s Jewelry store as of 18932020-09-04T16:47:39-04:00
A page from the County of Simcoe Directory describing the Northern Railway Company2020-08-14T14:20:33-04:00
Workers in the Allandale rail yard take a break to pose in front of Grand Trunk Railroad locomotive no. 562.2017-02-12T16:08:26-05:00
Workers pose in front of Grand Trunk Railroad locomotive no. 485 parked in the Allandale rail yard.2017-02-12T16:07:32-05:00
Wreck on the Grand Trunk Railroad at Allandale.2017-02-06T09:31:37-05:00
Postcard showing Grand Trunk Railway Station, currently known as the Allandale Train Station.2016-09-03T19:15:30-04:00
Ten-wheeler type 4-6-0 at the Grand Trunk Railway. Steam engine No. 1003 passing through the Allandale rail yard.2016-06-26T14:20:07-04:00
Railroad workers on a GTR ten wheeler locomotive.2016-06-11T02:31:34-04:00
Grand Trunk Railway Engine No. 218 with several men at the Allandale Roundhouse.2016-06-09T21:49:42-04:00
Grand Trunk Railway train depot (now Allandale Train Station).2016-12-10T21:05:06-05:00
Grand Trunk Railway Station (now Allandale Train Station) featuring Allen’s Hotel on Essa Road.2016-12-10T21:04:59-05:00
Grand Trunk Railway Station (now Allandale Train Station) on Kempenfelt Bay’s shoreline with a wood retaining wall and storage shed at the dock’s entrance.2016-05-17T19:45:27-04:00
Grand Truck Railway Station with line-West (left) which runs to Meaford-Line-North, and Barrie to North Bay line (right).2016-05-17T19:37:11-04:00
Grand Trunk Railroad Roundhouse.2016-05-17T19:36:20-04:00
Engine #2123 at the Grand Trunk Station known today as the Allandale Train Station ‘Taking on Water’ at the Collingwood-Meaford line on the left.2016-12-10T21:01:46-05:00
A postcard showing the Allandale Train Station when operated by Grand Trunk Railroad as the G.T.R. Depot.2016-12-18T11:58:26-05:00
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