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No. 80 to no. 84 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:21:07-04:00
No. 88 to no. 92 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:19:54-04:00
No. 94 to no. 102 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:20:56-04:00
No. 104 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:13:32-04:00
No. 126 to no. 132 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:13:09-04:00
No. 134 to no. 136 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:13:22-04:00
No. 144 to no. 148 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:00:32-04:00
No. 156 to no. 164 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:12:54-04:00
No. 182 to no. 186 Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:12:38-04:00
The Traveler Motel on Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:22:04-04:00
Meg’s Snack Bar down at Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:24:10-04:00
Kitchen’s Restaurant and British Petroleum (B.P.) service station.2019-05-23T11:39:55-04:00
Barr’s Motel on Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:21:15-04:00
Anne Street looking East towards Adelaide Street.2016-06-11T00:20:18-04:00
North and South East corners of Anne Street and Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:20:26-04:00
Essa Road West side looking North towards Innisfil Street.2016-06-11T00:24:19-04:00
Essa Road West side looking South.2016-06-11T00:25:41-04:00
No. 114 to no. 124 Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:25:32-04:00
Innisfil Street looking South East towards Holgate Street.2016-06-11T00:25:04-04:00
South East corner of Innisfil and Essa Road.2016-06-11T00:24:46-04:00
Burton Avenue looking East towards Granville Street.2016-06-11T00:24:56-04:00
Intersection of Essa Road and Burton Avenue.2016-06-11T00:36:09-04:00
South East corner of Burton Street and Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:16:00-04:00
Essa Road West side looking North towards Tiffin Street.2016-06-11T00:39:18-04:00
Essa Road looking towards the British American (B/A) Service Station on the East side.2016-06-11T00:39:00-04:00
British American (B/A) service station on the corner of Essa Road and Burton Avenue.2016-06-11T00:37:06-04:00
Gowan Street looking East towards William Street.2016-06-11T00:37:35-04:00
Allandale Appliance and Hardware Store on Essa Road.2016-06-11T01:16:42-04:00
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