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CBC News Final tornado coverage.2016-09-11T03:09:14-05:00
A Gathering Storm 20th Anniversary of Barrie Tornado Booklet.2016-09-11T01:50:03-05:00
CKVR Total News “The Eye of the Storm” Tornado Newscasts following the disaster (Noon and Evening Report).2016-09-11T17:23:59-05:00
CKVR “Close-Up” Tornado Aftermath – Weathering the Storm.2016-09-09T21:38:30-05:00
CKVR Total News Weekend Report following the tornado.2016-09-09T13:44:13-05:00
CFTO News “Tornado – A Town Fights Back”.2016-09-10T03:30:20-05:00
Home video footage showing the aftermath of the tornado.2016-09-08T14:53:58-05:00
Townhomes on Adelaide Street are amongst some of the most hard hit residences following the tornado disaster.2016-09-09T02:04:12-05:00
An unknown person standing behind a tree beside an overflowing river, after the Hurricane Hazel hits the town.2016-07-06T02:41:25-05:00
Locals begin the clean up process after Hurricane Hazel.2016-07-01T15:31:37-05:00
Tornado Left a Trail Of Death And Destruction.2016-07-04T18:29:52-05:00
Tornadoes Leave Trail Of Death.2016-07-04T18:28:03-05:00