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Engine no. 4017 with Clark Ayres and friend.2016-11-20T08:59:47-05:00
Engine No. 4017 in front of the Allandale Train Station with Clark Ayres at the helm.2016-11-20T08:59:35-05:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres celebrates 36 years of service at the Allandale Train Station.2016-11-20T09:00:58-05:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres in the cab of CN 6534, running southbound on the Newmarket line from North Bay.2016-12-03T11:59:04-05:00
Locomotive Engineer Clark Ayres, about to embark on his last run, at North Bay Station.2016-12-03T11:54:27-05:00
Clark Ayres, a 4th Generation Engineer for the Canadian National Railway.2016-05-17T19:39:14-04:00
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