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The Allandale Presyterian Church on Essa Road was built in 19012020-10-10T15:53:59-04:00
Wesley B. Webb’s jewely store located at 8 Essa Road2020-09-04T20:45:39-04:00
A page from the County of Simcoe Directory describing the Northern Railway Company2020-08-14T14:20:33-04:00
The former men’s boarding house became the Crazy Fox restaurant.2019-01-20T16:04:26-05:00
Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Burton Avenue, Cumberland Street and Surrounding Areas.2018-04-08T15:34:19-04:00
Allandale Land Registry Map Showing Armstrong Boulevard, Lansing Road, Concession 13 (Little Avenue) and Surrounding.Areas.2018-04-08T15:29:00-04:00
Helen Galbraith with Douglas and Mildred on the lawn in front of the Allandale train station.2020-05-31T11:19:32-04:00
Terry Paddison stands outside of a home damaged by the tornado.2020-05-30T11:51:03-04:00
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