To get started with a donation of photos, slides, documents, or video, we ask that you please complete the form below. This will give us the information we need to get in contact with you, the legal documentation that we require, and provide us with an understanding of what you’d like to see included in the archive.

*Please note that the Barrie Historical Archive is not obligated to use or feature any materials submitted.  Any materials submitted and added to the archive may be removed without notice.*

Material Use Agreement

In consideration of having granted access to material(s) to members of the Barrie Historical Archive, I hereby agree to the below conditions as a lender:

  1. Material(s) to which this document pertains include, but are not restricted to, photographs, negatives, slides, videotape, moving images, magnetic or digital audio, books, journals, newspapers/media clippings, documents, artwork or digitized files, or any other similar media specified below.
  2. I authorize irrevocably the reproduction, publication, or any other public or commercial use of material(s) borrowed by members of the Barrie Historical Archive. Material(s) reproduced, published or otherwise used publicly or commercially may appear in print, digital media, or in their original form.
  3. I release members of the Barrie Historical Archive from any and all liability relating to losses, theft or damages that may occur during the loan and use of material(s) indicated and described below unconditionally.
  4. I understand and acknowledge that lending material(s) to members of the BHA may provide inadvertent access to personal information. Granting members of the Barrie Historical Archive use of material(s) forfeits any and all rights of the lender to bring a suit against the Barrie Historical Archive.