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We understand that some delight in helping by purchasing specific, practical items.

We’d love the opportunity to publicly receive, recognize and thank you for your gift at one of our monthly meetings.  If you live out of town, gifts can be mailed to:

Barrie Historical Archive
12 Dunlop Street East
Barrie, Ontario L4M 1A3

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In addition to physical items, we also have a number of annual hard costs that can be sponsored on one-year terms. Simply complete donation form below and indicate a wish list item in the designation field.

  • Website hosting (approx. $2000/annually)
  • Digital video transfers (approx. $2000/annually)
  • Insurance (approx. $1400/annually)
  • Printing supplies (approx. $500/annually)
  • Website design and support (approx. $7500/annually)
  • Government and administration fees (approx. $500/annually)
  • Office supplies and postage (approx. $500/annually)

Thanks for supporting the Barrie Historical Archive!

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