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  • Construction of Centennial Park
  • Construction of the Marina
  • Tollendal Road and Thunder Bridge area (current day Foster Drive)
  • Construction of Bayfield Mall
  • Construction of Georgian Mall
  • Demolition of City Hall
  • Construction of Highway 400
  • Fairview Road prior to 1980
  • Filling in of the Bay for Lakeshore Drive
  • Construction of Letitia Heights (West of Anne Street)
  • Sandy Hollow area
  • Roadway systems prior to Highway 400 (Sunnidale Road, Little Lake Road, Edgehill Road, St. Vincent Street)
  • First-ever Santa Claus Parade
  • Former Zoo on Brookdale Inn Property
  • Construction/Opening of Barrie Shopping Plaza (Wellington Plaza)
  • Highway 400 Interchange additions or expansions
  • Any road maps of Barrie prior to 1960
  • Any road maps of Innisfil proper to 1982
  • Demolition of original Barrie Central Building in 1972
  • Construction of any schools or pubic buildings
  • Pictures of any roadway systems prior to becoming thruways or being expanded
  • Any pictures from Allandale prior to 1980
  • Any aerials from any era
  • Interior shots of the original Post Office at Fred Grant Square
  • Interior shots of the original City Hall on Mulcaster Street
  • Yonge Street and Little Avenue area prior to 1980
  • Minet’s Point Road and area prior to 1980
  • Allandale rail yard shots including Mechanics Building, Coal Chute and Roundhouse
  • Construction of East End Plaza (Dominion, now No Frills)
  • Downtown Woolworths Building prior to 1985
  • Downtown Loblaws Grocery Store prior to 1985
  • Allandale water tower
  • Businesses on Bradford Street prior to 1985
  • Wrecking lot on Bayview Drive behind Formosa Brewery
  • Formosa Brewery construction and opening
  • Bayfield McDonalds construction and opening
  • Towers and Food City construction and opening
  • Any shots of Bayfield Street prior to 1980
  • Barrie Union Cemetery prior to 1980
  • Sunnidale/Cundles Road area prior to 1980
  • Barrie Country Club when located on Sunnidale Road
  • Any shots of Sunnidale park from any period
  • First ever New Years celebration at City Hall
  • Maclaren Art centre when it was at the Wellington Street location
  • Any images of people boating before 1950 in Kempenfelt Bay
  • Any images of shop owners and their shops on Dunlop Street before 1950
  • 5 Wellington Street East before 1980
  • Any construction shots (or advertisements) pertaining to the Tall Trees Development off Cundles road in the late 1960’s
  • Any materials pertaining to Sir Robert Barrie, Admirals Clapperton and Worsley
  • Interior shots of local businesses prior to 1980 including Queens Hotel, Round-A-Bout Roller Rink, Towers, Food City, McDonalds and Barrie Burger
  • Any film or slides prior to 1980

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