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Humans And Dogs Race On Gleaming Ice For Honors At Barrie Carnival.2020-06-12T16:15:15-04:00
Look at the Facts. Vote Bentley Elections Advertising.2020-06-12T16:12:20-04:00
Gray day at City Hall cartoon.2020-06-12T16:10:54-04:00
Mayor Archer works to keep it cool.2020-06-12T16:08:21-04:00
Keep Young, Aggressive Leadership at the Mayor’s Desk. Vote Bentley Elections Advertising.2020-06-12T16:03:27-04:00
Spending Curbs Urged By Cooke.2020-06-12T15:47:10-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Staff, Chairmen, Presidents, Head Boy and Girl Listing.2020-06-12T15:23:05-04:00
Barrie Winter Carnival.2020-06-12T15:18:59-04:00
Kempenfest Is finally here.2020-05-30T14:24:37-04:00
Allandale Drugs Ltd. anniversary advertisement.2020-05-30T14:12:08-04:00
Passes Zoning Bylaw Paving Way For Motel.2020-05-30T14:02:54-04:00
150th Anniversary Reunion Newsletter.2020-05-12T14:40:04-04:00
Zoning, Official Plan Stands In Way.2020-05-12T14:18:42-04:00
Land registry map showing Minet’s Point Road, Bayview Road, Fairview Avenue, Southview Road, Park Road, Riverdale Drive, Cliff Road and The Boulevard.2018-01-25T21:25:43-05:00
Land registry map showing Baldwin Lane, Reid Street, Holgate Street, William Street and surrounding areas.2018-01-25T21:20:47-05:00
Land registry map showing Bond Street, Tollendal Mill Road, Colborn Street, Cox Mill Road and Dock Road.2018-01-21T16:52:23-05:00
Land registry map showing plan of building and park lots between Sunnidale Road, 5th Concession, Bayfield Street, Wellington Street and Toronto Street.2018-01-21T16:52:20-05:00
Land registry map showing Tollendal Mill Road, North Lane, Cottage Lane, Bay Lane, and surrounding areas.2018-01-21T16:47:21-05:00
Land registry map showing Tollendal Mill Road, North Lane, Gray Lane and surrounding areas.2018-01-21T16:47:09-05:00
Welcome Be Our Guest Lakeview Dairy Booklet.2017-08-30T21:42:35-04:00
Terry Fox Marathon of Hope Certificate.2017-08-30T21:37:27-04:00
Songs from the School Program at Hillcrest Auditorium.2017-08-30T21:33:05-04:00
Barrie Skating Club First Annual Carnival Programme.2017-08-30T21:29:10-04:00
List of Major Employers in the City of Barrie.2017-08-30T21:23:57-04:00
Proposal to build Georgian College in Barrie.2017-08-30T21:20:06-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate 150th Anniversary (1843-1993).2017-08-30T21:06:19-04:00
1968 City of Barrie Brochure A Good Place to locate Your Plant.2017-08-29T08:50:50-04:00
1946 Barrie Central Collegiate Commencement Programme.2017-08-29T08:46:11-04:00
History of The Barrie Collegiate Institute from 1843 to 1943.2017-08-29T08:44:56-04:00
1930 – 1931 Yearbook VOX COLLEGII – Issued by the student council of the Barrie Collegiate Institute.2017-08-29T08:43:42-04:00
The staff of CKVR welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (b).2017-07-26T16:17:32-04:00
Hillcrest Public School 11th Annual Closing Exercises Programme.2017-06-27T16:28:59-04:00
History of Lakeview Dairy.2017-06-27T16:22:47-04:00
Leap Year Special at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Dunlop Street East.2017-06-27T16:20:17-04:00
Barrie Winter Carnival Programme of Events.2017-04-29T17:37:37-04:00
Nick Knowles for Mayor brochure.2017-04-29T17:35:44-04:00
Council Procedures written by Mayor Bob Bentley.2017-04-25T18:46:19-04:00
List of industries and major employers in the City of Barrie.2017-04-25T18:44:13-04:00
Bill Bell, Liberal candidate brochure for the November 8, 1962 Election.2017-04-25T18:41:41-04:00
List of Churches in Barrie.2017-02-21T17:08:56-05:00
A pupil’s examination paper from Barrie Collegiate Institute when it was located on Blake Street.2017-02-12T21:55:08-05:00
Arthritis Flag Flying For the Month Of September.2017-01-24T17:46:49-05:00
Patron Attends Theatre.2016-12-04T14:55:15-05:00
To Open One Half Toronto-Barrie Highway in Fortnight.2016-12-04T12:17:14-05:00
City Will Keep All Of Sunnidale Park.2016-12-04T12:14:40-05:00
Chronology of first Terry Fox Half Marathon of Hope Run.2016-12-02T22:04:47-05:00
Terry Fox Half Marathon Run of Hope Registration Form.2016-12-02T22:01:22-05:00
What Should Be Done With Burned-Out Buildings Downtown.2016-12-02T21:56:21-05:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-16T00:19:20-04:00
Overtones Yearbook Supplement.2016-09-15T22:41:41-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:41-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:41-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:40-04:00
Overtones Yearbook Fall Supplement.2016-09-15T22:41:40-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:40-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:39-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:39-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:39-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:38-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:38-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:38-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:38-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T22:41:33-04:00
Overtones Yearbook.2016-09-15T21:44:57-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T21:10:30-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T20:59:06-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:46:27-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:42:23-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:37:37-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:32:11-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:28:20-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:23:22-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:18:48-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:13:31-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-15T17:09:24-04:00
Registration certificate of Harold William Tordiff.2016-09-15T05:43:26-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-13T22:39:51-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-13T22:28:53-04:00
Overtones Yearbook2016-09-13T20:32:26-04:00
History of 101 Clapperton Street.2016-09-13T17:42:38-04:00
Bud Thomas’ Nomination Of Les Cooke For Mayor.2016-09-11T15:52:05-04:00
Ross Archer Scrapbook Correspondence.2016-09-11T03:01:48-04:00
Personal History of Mayor Les Cooke.2016-09-11T02:58:51-04:00
W.A. Fisher Retirement Reception Programme.2016-09-11T02:58:50-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Commencement Exercises Programme.2016-09-11T02:58:49-04:00
Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee Letter About The Historical Significance of City Hall.2016-09-11T02:58:49-04:00
Val Brucker Letter To Council About Busses And Transportation.2016-09-11T02:58:48-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate Concert Band History.2016-09-11T02:58:48-04:00
Barrie Central Institute Reunion Programme.2016-09-11T02:58:41-04:00
Allandale Recreation Centre Official Opening Programme.2016-09-11T02:51:30-04:00
Heritage Barrie’s response pertaining To Sam Cancilla’s Plans For City Hall.2016-09-11T02:51:21-04:00
Letter Of Congratulations From City Administrator, G.A. Tamblyn To Alderman, Val Brucker.2016-09-11T02:42:16-04:00
Elections Final Tabulations.2016-09-11T02:42:15-04:00
Barrie Collegiate Band European Tour Itinerary.2016-09-11T02:42:14-04:00
Hi Sis Lisa and Karla Perry.2016-09-11T02:42:14-04:00
Solid Gold Again At The Kerkrade Music Festival.2016-09-11T02:42:13-04:00
Barrie Central Collegiate European Tour Itinerary.2016-09-11T02:42:12-04:00
Historical Sketch of Barrie.2016-09-11T02:42:12-04:00
Hillcrest Public School Opening Programme.2016-09-11T02:42:11-04:00
Codrington Public School Opening Programme.2016-09-11T02:42:10-04:00