Deb Exel

Vice Chairman

The ‘go to’ person for anything and everything, taking care of the ‘stuff’ that keeps our organization humming. A project manager by profession, I suspect I’m also known as the team nag.

Favourite historical building:

Oh that’s a tough one. Hmmm … Collier Street Church when it still had the round Sunday School building.

If I could own a home on one historical street it would be:

I adore the mansions of upper Theresa Street but my heart lives on Sunnidale Road.

I got involved with the BHA because:

I read a quote that really stirs me, ‘Let us be mindful that we do not destroy that which cannot be replaced and stories that cannot be retold’. Preservation of our local heritage is one of the most important projects our community can share in and our gift to future historians. So many of Barrie’s magnificent old buildings and homes are just ghosts now. To have a resource at our fingertips where these bygones can live again and our collective past shared is a legacy I want to be part of.

What I do for a living:

Get things done (