Barrie tornado: Thirty-five years later, residents remember

On May 31, 1985, a devastating tornado touched down in Barrie and left eight dead, hundreds injured and countless homes and businesses in ruins. Despite the passage of time, for survivors, there are some scars that will never fully heal and memories that will never fade. The following is a collection of comments and recollections from Barrie residents, aggregated from social media channels and our own inbox. To share your story, feel free to email us at [email protected] Nicki Lefebvre [...]

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Notable Women of Barrie

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The ladies of early Barrie, along with all of their Canadian sisters, laboured under the most extreme circumstances each and every day. Corseted and coiffed in the restrictive fashions of the day, their clothing was [...]

The Crock & Block Says “Goodnight”

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I wrote this review just a few months ago, as a salute to one of the time-tested eateries of Barrie that were still soldiering on. Sadly, for fans of the Crock & Block, this piece [...]

A Stroll Through Barrie Courtesy of Rayner McCullough

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Steadily, Rayner McCullough walks me along Elizabeth Street. Hines grocery, then next to the that, a meat market. Next, an empty lot next to Central United Church on the east side of Toronto Street, where [...]

Baker’s Buried Treasures

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Prior to his passing in April 2016, Brian Baker was a well-known personality within the historical community of Barrie.  With multiple cameras around his neck at any given moment, he was Simcoe County’s unofficial [...]

Local Artist Highlights Historic Barrie

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Local graphic artist and entrepreneur, Tyler Gooding is making history – quite literally – with typographic Barrie-centric art. Having long appreciated the graphic art depicting the names of streets and locations in other famous towns, Gooding [...]

Skates, Parades and Carnival Queens: Celebrating Winter Barrie Style

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When Mother Nature builds you your very own arena, complete with ice, lots of good lighting, enough space for a limitless audience and a surface twenty-six hockey rinks long, you make the best use [...]

Looking back – Moving forward

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Happy new year! 2016 was an incredible year for the City of Barrie. Never before has Barrie been able to boast of a state of the art digital, free online museum until now. The Barrie Historical [...]

365 Days of Barrie’s History

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Every day can be historic with the City of Barrie's 2017 Waste Reduction Calendar, featuring images from the Barrie Historical Archive. The calendar provides important community information AND some incredible vintage photo's from Barrie's new [...]

Georgian College art students provide exciting perspectives on Barrie’s history in new exhibit.

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Archival Investigations features works by third-year students in Georgian College’s School of Design and Visual Arts using images from the Barrie Historical Archive in a fresh, new light. Students reconstructed scenes from the past to [...]