President’s report: Year in review

Due to the complications of hosting an effective annual general meeting in light of COVID-19, this year, the Barrie Historical Archive opted for a resolution instead of extending an invitation to join us at an AGM. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on another outstanding year for the volunteers in our group, as we attempt to make a mark with Barrie's only free, online archive of historical content. Here are some of my thoughts about 2019: In [...]

The Mechanics Institute was Barrie’s first library system

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A nomadic beginning eventually led to a majestic building. Barrie’s first library began as a group. It started out in 1844 as a Mechanics’ Institute, a subscription and fee-based organization created for workingmen and mechanics [...]

Barrie tornado: Thirty-five years later, residents remember

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On May 31, 1985, a devastating tornado touched down in Barrie and left eight dead, hundreds injured and countless homes and businesses in ruins. Despite the passage of time, for survivors, there are some scars [...]

Barrie’s changing skyline

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Iconic bell tower slowly disappearing from the downtown landscape. The Toronto Street address wasn't the first location of the former Central United Church building, but it was its last. Just over 2 years ago, the [...]

Ted the Wonder Dog

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One of the original 'dogs with jobs'! You may recall from previous blogs, mention of the Tordiff family - long time contributors to the Barrie Archive, since before it even launched. Whenever the Tordiffs drop [...]

Barrie says goodbye to two role models

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They were just two. But to all, they were many. Willard Kinzie, to some, was the "Milk Man". To hiking partners, he was "Titanium Man". Officially, a mayor, a businessman. But also a husband, father, [...]

Our military neighbour: Camp Borden

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Canadian Forces base west of Barrie has been a long-standing part of the community. This past weekend there have been numerous local events to commemorate Remembrance Day. We join with others around the world who [...]

A soldier’s sacrifice tells us all we need to know

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"Here's another one of Borden. Some more on Borden here." And so on, and so on it goes. Sitting with Ann Campbell, she lifts one voluminous book after another onto the dining table before us. [...]

Walking Tour Reveals Places in Time

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Mary Harris tells the history of buildings in Barrie's downtown core. Exposed to the stiff fall breeze, a large group of warmly dressed people looked south from Homestead Bakery and Artisan Cafe and [...]

From Barrie with Love Part VI: Wartime Letters from a Briton in Barrie

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Ready for another read? This blog series, made possible by the Diana Strachan, daughter of our author Peggy Newman, offers us a look through the lens of a 16-year-old Briton in Barrie during the Second [...]

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