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Alicia Ferre

Director of Archive Management

Coordinating the process of digitizing and uploading archive pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Favourite historical building:

I am new to Barrie and so I am currently discovering the City and its history thanks to the BHA, but I would have to say is the Allandale Train Station.

If I could own a home on one historical street it would be:

51 Rodney street

I got involved with the BHA because:

I moved to Barrie from Argentina at the beginning of 2016 and I was interested on getting involved with my new community, luckily, our Chairman provided me with this great opportunity to learn about the City, its history and help the community as well.

What I do for a living:

I am currently a full time student at Georgian College and working on the accounting of a small company in the GTA.

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