It would seem fitting that on Canada’s 150th Birthday I finally let out a secret I’ve been keeping for 150 days: I’m moving to Florida in August!

Many of you know my educational background and calling is in music ministry. I am elated to announce that I have accepted a full time position as Associate Pastor of Music and Leadership Development at Harvest Bible Chapel in Naples, Florida to work alongside Senior Pastor, John Secrest.

Leaving my friends in Barrie will be bittersweet.  It’s not the first time I’ve left Canada to go live and work state-side but I feel as though the things we’ve accomplished together in the past few years, including the Barrie Historical Archive, have been achievements of great importance and significance in our community.  I am so pleased that this organization is financially healthy and in the hands of some of the most capable community servants our city has to offer.

To read more about why I am moving to Florida please visit:

I want to personally thank every person who has been apart of making the Barrie Historical Archive a reality. Because of your hard work and support, Barrie’s history will forever be preserved and free for all to access, learn from and enjoy.

Moving forward, my intent is to stay connected to the archive by helping create content and writing the occasional blog.  So many of you have made a profound impact in our community and the lives of many, including myself.  I hope you will stay in touch and know how much I appreciate and respect your tireless efforts to make Barrie one of the greatest cities in Canada.


Travis Doucette
Founder, Barrie Historical Archive