You remember the ‘Don’t Pay A Cent Event’, don’t you?

Perhaps you piled the kids into the back of your sedan to drive them down to the cavernous Leon’s showroom to pick out a new bedroom set.

Or maybe you were one of the kids, chasing your siblings around seven-seater sofas or testing coil-spring mattresses for the sake of quality assurance.

Whatever your reality, one thing was undoubtedly true about the grand furniture sale at Leon’s, or anywhere for that matter: Nobody ever got an appliance without paying a cent.

Sure, you could defer payments to *insert year here*. You could sign up for the magic credit card. You could trade in the kids. But eventually, everything costs money.

Unfortunately, so does the rental of a much-needed office space for the Barrie Historical Archive. Luckily, it’s not much. For just $100 a month, or $1,200 for the entire year, the Barrie Historical Archive will make its home at The Creative Space on Dunlop Street East in Barrie in 2017.

The venue is fitting: It’s a modern, adaptable co-working space built into a classic building on2016-downtown-danny-stephens-at-bjs-records one of Barrie’s oldest blocks. It’s the perfect home for volunteers working together to create a modern, evolving online showcase featuring some of the city’s oldest known images and records.

Help Pay The Rent

Though the archive exists solely online, a physical space is essential for hosting monthly meetings, honouring our donors and volunteers in person and storing promotional materials for fundraising events like our ‘Help Pay the Rent Event’ on November 16 at Boston Pizza.

The success of fundraisers is crucial to the archive’s fate, as the project is supported entirely by community dollars. In the future, events like this one will go lengths to maintaining and growing the archive so that it remains Barrie’s definitive digital source for historic materials.

So pile into the sedan for Boston Pizza at 6 p.m. on November 16 to support a group of lisleBarrie’s most passionate and dedicated volunteers.

Support local musician Dan Stephens, formerly of the band Lisle, who will perform pop staples, comedy routines, storytelling and everything in between.

Support your appetite, because it’s pizza after all.

It’s going to cost you a cent — 2,000 of them to be exact. But take a look at this archive — intricate as a handmade dresser, but familiar as your fridge. Isn’t it worth it?

Don’t hesitate, buy your ticket now!