Monthly Archives: July 2016


It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good. by Terry Paddison It is said that as time passes, one’s memory of events as they actually happened becomes less clear. We become selective in what we remember. I don’t believe it! We can all recall at least one day or an event from our past that remains as vivid in our minds as if it had happened yesterday. This is my “yesterday” story. It was [...]

Allandale meets the Group of Seven by John Trott   Anyone rambling through Allandale should stroll up Bayview Avenue and take a right at the first turning.  Mature trees shade sturdy two storey brick houses of another era. The avenue ends at Innisfil Street with Shear Park on the left.  The street is called Holgate and the name may remind art lovers of Edwin Holgate. Holgate – draftsman, portraitist, landscape and figure painter, word engraver, [...]

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