13043694_10102564284241178_5019539117465590420_nBarrie does not have a museum.  This is the need the Barrie Historical Archive is responding to.  With a city full of rich history and a community of people whose stories are worth telling, Barrie is ready for a free museum, accessible to all people at all times through the power of the Internet.  Up until now there has not been anywhere online where Barrie’s history has been centralized and celebrated.  All of this will change on September 21, 2016.

The strength of the BHA is in its volunteers, a growing number of 25+ volunteers and local historians who have been curating 4000+ historical photos, videos and documents, many which have never been publicly published or available for free to view and enjoy.

The story of how the BHA came to be is largely tied to a Barrie’s largest Facebook Group, “If You Grew Up In Barrie, You Remember”.  Administered by former and current Barrie residents, Katherine Stewart, Nancy Dickey and yours  truly, this group and it’s 6500+ person membership proved that the great people of Barrie have a great interest in preserving their history and heritage.  The BHA came into being out of the realization that we needed an organized website off of the Facebook platform that’s free for everyone anywhere to access.

As a non-for-profit organization we have a handful of needs as we take on this advantageous endeavor:

  • We need your minutes.  We provide free training for all of our volunteers.  We have a dynamic team of young and old and welcome anyone with an interest in local history and a great attitude.
  • We need your materials.  If you think you may have historical film, slides or photos of Barrie we could include in the archive, we’d love to borrow them.
  • We need your money.  The BHA is 100% funded by community donations.  Our ability to get this museum up, running and regularly maintained is dependent on the generosity of our incredible community.

September 21st, 2016 will be a monumental, historical event for the city of Barrie.  For the first time ever, nearly every former living Mayor since Barrie’s incorporation in 1959 will be in City Hall for a special nostalgic program and red ribbon cutting to virtually open barriearchive.ca.  Seating is limited to 100 and will be free to the public.  This exclusive event will sell out quickly.  You will want to make sure you connect with us on social media and join our email list so that you are in loop as we prepare to make history with the City of Barrie.

I hope you will join us,

Dr. Travis R. Doucette
Chairman, Barrie Historical Archive