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Featured Pieces: Willard Kinzie

Election At A Glance. 2016-07-03T04:58:15+00:00
Former Mayor Willard Kinzie shares at the Mayors’ Seat event at City Hall (2). 2016-11-17T17:16:37+00:00
Town Crier declares the opening of the Barrie Historical Archive with former Mayors cutting the red ribbon behind (5). 2016-11-05T18:48:40+00:00
Mayor Willard Kinzie (centre back) enjoys a conversation with others outside of City Hall on Mulcaster Street. The American Hotel (Yank) can be seen in the background. 2016-09-06T20:29:48+00:00
Jack Garner addresses the crowd after receiving the Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award. 2016-11-17T17:13:22+00:00
Willard Kinzie introduces Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken to friends City Hall on Collier Street. 2017-02-28T23:34:28+00:00
Dr. Travis Doucette presents former Mayor Willard Kinzie with the inaugural Barrie Historical Archive Civic Award at Mayors’ Seat at City Hall (2). 2017-11-14T08:19:28+00:00
Willard Kinzie, Mayor of Barrie from 1957 to 1961. 2016-07-01T05:20:49+00:00
Former Mayor Willard Kinzie (second from left) and wife (far right) pose with his daughter and son in law in the Green Room before the Mayors’ Seat event at City Hall. 2016-11-17T17:15:45+00:00
Travis Doucette interviews Barrie’s first city Mayor, Willard Kinzie (3). 2016-09-15T03:51:19+00:00
Willard Kinzie and Mayor Lehman at the trail marker unveiling. 2016-12-17T15:37:19+00:00
Former Mayors Janice Laking and Willard Kinzie watch as Willard’s son in law watches in the Green Room before the Mayors’ Seat event at City Hall (1). 2016-11-17T17:13:33+00:00


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Barrie says goodbye to two role models

They were just two. But to all, they were many. Willard Kinzie, to some, was the "Milk Man". To hiking partners, he was "Titanium Man". Officially, a mayor, a businessman. But also a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. A fellow parishioner. A walking guide, a restaurateur, a curling skip. A storyteller [...]

Our military neighbour: Camp Borden

Canadian Forces base west of Barrie has been a long-standing part of the community. This past weekend there have been numerous local events to commemorate Remembrance Day. We join with others around the world who are paying honor and remembering the sacrifices made on our behalf. Barrie is one of [...]

A soldier’s sacrifice tells us all we need to know

"Here's another one of Borden. Some more on Borden here." And so on, and so on it goes. Sitting with Ann Campbell, she lifts one voluminous book after another onto the dining table before us. Ann, who traces her ancestry to the McCutcheon family of Florence Street, Barrie, has invited [...]

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